April, 2017

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John Clarke, We Need You More Than Ever

, Apr 11, 2017

Kind, dry and cheerful, John Clarke was a comic genius "interested in everything, but nothing else."
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O, bummer (POTUS 2017)

, Jan 23, 2017

Rump, rear, arse, behind, butt — America's short-term future is a bummer
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Dear Your Eminence Cardinal Pell

, Mar 04, 2016

At the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse
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How to Paint a Novelist: Michelle de Kretser

, Oct 20, 2015

A painter's notes on making a portrait. Plus, see the author speak about her writing and her portrait, in front of the picture at the National Portrait Gallery, Canberra.
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David Walsh’s excellent literary adventures

, Mar 26, 2015

What does Australia's greatest contemporary artist do next? Make a literary splash, on walls and in print.
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I.M. Malcolm Fraser, with drawings

, Mar 20, 2015

He stood out, he stood up. He was a big man of the old school.
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To New Yorker with Love (Françoise Mouly and the politics of cover art)

, Oct 16, 2013

Why the covers of the "New Yorker" are brilliant, and Culture Mulcher's attempt at the cover about US government shutdown and the impending debt ceiling default on October 17.
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The Pre-Nobel Poet: drawing Les Murray reading

, Jul 23, 2013

Les Murray -- Our Greatest Poet and perennial Nobel candidate -- wrote a book called 'Killing the Black Dog' about his debilitating depression, but he was very cheerful in his bookshop appearance, where he gave four poems their world premiere.
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The Shame of Scifi and the End of the Culture (Vale, Iain M. Banks)

, Jun 19, 2013

In which the late, great scifi author gets quoted a lot: "The tricky thing about claiming we’ll ever create a utopian society is that our record up to this point is so lamentable."
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Upper Class Horror Entertainment (St Aubyn)

, Feb 27, 2013

Edward St Aubyn, author of the Patrick Melrose novels, speaking at the Wheeler. Drawing: "Teddy," thinking.
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The mesmeric Nicolas Rothwell

, Feb 20, 2013

Entrancing: Nicolas Rothwell talks about his novel 'Belomor.' Drawing: Rothwell reading from his book.
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Books and Blogs 2012: favourites

, Dec 19, 2012

The passion of Andrew Sullivan. The alpha and omega of Patrick White. The lost masterpiece of Australian literature. The dying words of an art critic.
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Obama Rainbow Revolution posters: please take

, Nov 09, 2012

A pair of posters (respects to Shepard Fairey and David Bowie) to celebrate one of the singular political journeys and achievements of our time. Feel free to appropriate.
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The Horrible Lesson of Obama

, Nov 05, 2012

The drawing: Obama "ROPE" poster (Give him rope, USA! USA! USA!)
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A drawing a day: The Burning Library speaks

, Oct 30, 2012

The drawing: Geordie Williamson, readhead.
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A Funny Thing Still Happens on the Way to the Forum

, Oct 29, 2012

A review of "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum" by Dominic Wong. The drawing: Geoffrey Rush covers himself in laurel.
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A drawing a day: Australian “designers these days” trim their beards, fix their bikes

, Oct 26, 2012

The drawing: Australian designers reflect the times: bearded and biked.
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A drawing a day: Ramona Koval’s “archaeology of the self”

, Oct 25, 2012

The drawing: Ramona Koval, the readers' reader
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A drawing a day: I forgive you

, Oct 24, 2012

A drawing a day: "I forgive you" poster.
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A drawing a day: MSM Redhead strikeout

, Oct 22, 2012

The drawing: Tony Abbott's furrowed brow.