April, 2016

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What is a person?

, Apr 13, 2016

In memory of Diana Gribble, on her birthday.
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Talking About Bowie

, Jan 15, 2016

Encountering Bowie for the first time as children.
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Driving to the Walls of China

, Sep 26, 2012

Lake Mungo and the Walls of China. An exotic, ineffable landscape of prehistory: here was Mungo Man, here was Mungo Lady. The endless plains of Mallee scrub. The glistening banks of the Darling. It called; we drove.
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One Sick Puppy

, Aug 24, 2012

Diagnosis: Infected right eye (Vet: “Puppies can pick up anything.”) FILE UNDER: picture album / new dog / oddities Toy poodle, black 14 weeks old 2.4 kg Name: Mighty Baxter (aka Houdini, aka Antoine Batiste, terms of endearment: Poveretto, Piccirillo) Traits: Cheerful, playful, willful, needy, grubby, but not greedy Loves: Chewing/nibbling/tearing — paper, cardboard, cloth; […]
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Tree Change paradise

, May 14, 2012

Constant Gardener wasn’t feeling so wonderful from the previous night out — an old-fashioned bring a plate dinner — but was very keen to see the last opening of the season for Open Gardens. (The next one in this fantastic local treasure hunt is in August at Cruden Farm, ie Dame Elisabeth Murdoch’s hangout. She’s […]

What’s the right number?

, Apr 02, 2012

The writer Robert Dessaix (on whom I’ll post tomorrow) says that mindfulness is a kind of attentive tranquillity. Like a dog [has]. (But not a cat.) In that spirit these tiny scraps of driftwood on the shore of dailyness. The phone rings. Hello. Do you sell the calendula? (It’s an old woman. How can I […]
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Noel Pearson coughs blood?

, Feb 21, 2012

  I’ve been seeing this go past for ages and finally the subliminal penny drops. What do the Quitline folk have against Noel Pearson?
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Paris: blanc

, Feb 06, 2012

Paris, 5 February 2012, -6C, en blanc.
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Paris Hyperku: L’homme’s best friend

, Feb 02, 2012

Observations and not very high ku from the streets of Paris 2. Waiting for Dogot 2.1) All over Paris, signs of dog lovers getting away with merde.  2.2) Scene 1: Stylish young woman, her black jacket projecting a half-metre prow: a baby, rugged and tucked. Scene 2: Stylish young man, stubble, swoosh of big hair, hipster […]
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Summer: beach, bbq, shaggy dog

, Jan 23, 2012

Early one morning, a neighbour who has been summering down the coast was telling Constant Gardener — the dog leash community — the news about her labrador. She’d been walking on the beach and pooch had gone exploring. She found it further on, chewing on something near what had been obviously been a bbq site […]
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In 2012, let’s Occupy…

, Dec 21, 2011

In 2012, let’s Occupy… — Julia’s mirror — Tony’s speedos — paper book shops — the front row — your partner/parent/kid’s email account (omg/lol/awes) — Kyle Sandilands Occupies Andrew Bolt — bilbies, bandicoots, potoroos — business class to Mumbai — a BBQ Best wishes, merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, et cetera. Culture Mulcher will return oh […]
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Pod and Prejudice (podcast faves 2011)

, Dec 19, 2011

I simply can’t follow music anymore, and just listen to what’s in the air, or on the shelves/hard drive — next to nothing post-2009, you understand. Nor can I do more than read the reviews of books and movies, and catch what I can. Springsteen reckoned there were 57 channels and nothing on, but then […]
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Taxi Driver

, Dec 06, 2011

Cabbie, let’s call him Shiva: Have you just finished work?  No, I’ve been having drinks with friends. What time do you start work? 4 pm. And finish? At 3 am. An 11 hour day — do you get a break? It must be hard to sit all the time. Oh yes, I take half an […]
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Bidding for affordable pleasures

, Dec 01, 2011

It’s a shaky time in the financial world, in the world world — remember 1987? Somehow that tune keeps replaying in variations on a theme. Still, on we go, working, eating, shopping. Because where would our lovely global capitalism be if we stopped shopping? But there are ways and there are ways to shop; it […]

A love story

, Nov 29, 2011

At least that’s what the GetUp folk call it: Love Story. (Remember? — ‘Where do I begin, to tell the story of how great a love can be’; ‘Love means never having to say you’re sorry.’) And they say it’s the fastest trending video in the world on YouTube right now! Thus: ‘ It’s nicely […]
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Poetry Week Friday: Grief in September

, Sep 09, 2011

National Poetry Week: Number five of five. (I made this drawing on the first anniversary of 9/11, in the small town of Ferndale in California, a city lined with old Victorian buildings. At around noon, we sat on the lawn of the library with its flag at half-mast. It was calm on that sunny day, […]
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Poetry Week Thursday: Bees on a summer’s day

, Sep 07, 2011

National Poetry Week — the Thursday edition. Martin Johnston was the son of famous writers: George Johnston, author of My Brother Jack, and the journalist, essayist and novelist, Charmian Clift. Born in 1947, Martin was shuttled (shuffled?) around as a child — in his friend John Tranter’s summary: “Australia in the late 1940s, London, a Greek […]
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You say Obama, I say Osama, let’s call the whole thing ops.

, May 12, 2011

I’ve been meaning to post about Edmund de Waal’s wonderful memoir of his family through the viewpoint of a Hare with Amber Eyes, but deadlines are irresistible and I can’t get enough of them, so that’ll have to wait a few days. Out of NYC my friend Bob has come to the rescue with a […]
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Presbyterian Jesus death notice

, Apr 26, 2011

In bad taste? Is it me or is this sign on a nearby church in bad taste? + + + In Good Company Nearby is another sign, mammon rather than godly; a demonstration of higher grammatical and punctuation standards than realtors can summon. (Not to mention other kinds of standards.) Here is the sign — […]
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Pre-Xmas Mulcher Update

, Dec 16, 2010

Rushing towards Christmas like a snowflake down a mile-high vacuum . . . no, how about, rushing towards Christmas like, ninety miles an hour down a dead end street, as Dylan phrased it. So many items, so little time. Have you shopped? I have a list, at least. Another list: outstanding Mulcher posts before the […]