August, 2015

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Melbourne Writers Festival: Top 10

, Aug 21, 2015

Catastrophic! Exotic! Or Graphic! Book something, anything. (But especially No. 5!) Plus, the Festival Director's picks.
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To New Yorker with Love (Fran├žoise Mouly and the politics of cover art)

, Oct 16, 2013

Why the covers of the "New Yorker" are brilliant, and Culture Mulcher's attempt at the cover about US government shutdown and the impending debt ceiling default on October 17.
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Maus at Town Hall: Art Spiegelman’s history of comics tour de force

, Oct 09, 2013

Author of the peerless Holocaust comix, "Maus," delivers a one man 90 minute history of how comix became the %!&* that it is today. A 1200 crowd reply with rave applause.
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Anna Krien, sex, sport and consent

, May 08, 2013

"Dickwhipped," grey zones and interpreting smiles. Anna Krien talking with Helen Garner at the Wheeler.
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A drawing a day: The Burning Library speaks

, Oct 30, 2012

The drawing: Geordie Williamson, readhead.
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Robert Dessaix: In praise of idleness. Like a dog. But not a cat.

, Apr 03, 2012

‘Robert Dessaix’, the performance The other night at the Wheeler Centre, where I seemed to have camped out lately, we saw the celebrated writer Robert Dessaix take the stage for one of his brilliantly sly and penetrating performances. By penetrating I mean how he seems to cut into the moment — loosing the sap? the […]
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The woman behind The Man Who Loved Children

, Mar 30, 2012

Yesterday evening a large crowd at the Wheeler Centre was treated to an exemplary lecture on the crucial masterpiece by that fugitive great of Australian literature, Christina Stead (1902-1983). Like so many of her ilk — arts leaning proto-bohos — in that earlier time she had high-tailed it out of the lowlands of Australia to […]
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Literature Director: I look forward more to overseas books

, Mar 09, 2012

Yes, ok, the headline is trolling. Alternatively, it might have been: The Return of the Cringe It might make trouble no matter how it’s contextualised. But it’s what he said — check it out on their video page next week; it should be posted by then. Yes, we have no classics The who is the […]
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GAY S-X WINS BOOKER: the Wheeler Centre-Alan Hollinghurst interview

, Mar 06, 2012

Last Friday evening, at the storied old Athenaeum theatre the Wheeler Centre hosted an interview with one of the glitteringest stars of Britlit, over here for various writers festivals and to promote his latest book, The Stranger’s Child. Michael Williams, director of the Wheeler (see left) and interlocutor for the evening: Before he is even […]
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Stuff I like

, Nov 21, 2011

A brief list of stuff in the air and on the web I like, and you might too. The Best Live Albums, at Slate, by Bill Wyman (no, not that one). Just right, light and summery with useful reminders and suggestions. On Joni Mitchell’s Miles of Aisles: “Probably the best live album title ever, and […]