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Topic: Kyle Sandilands

A fortress besieged (Those who want in, those who want out; same sex marriage and beyond)

Marriage is like a fortress besieged. Those who are outside want to get in, and those who are inside want to get out. — French proverb . The importance of being normal To answer spotty’s question: Why gay people want to be able to “marry” is because they are like everyone else. Or more elaborately: […]

The real meaning of same sex marriage (A theory, featuring a guest appearance by Kyle Sandilands)

The previous Mulcher post — Is Julia Gillard homophobic? Or just whistling? — prompted some responses which have kept me thinking about same sex marriage. It has been a heated issue in the States since 2004 when Massachusetts first legalised it, and at the moment it’s flaming — thanks to Judge Walker’s overturning of California’s […]

Is Julia Gillard homophobic? Or just whistling? (On same-sex marriage)

Is Julia maybe a teensy bit homophobic? Or just par-for-the-course, predictably, utterly cynical? I’ve been wondering and the result, alas, is this rather long post — but I figured we needed the facts, ma’am, just the facts. However it does have a conclusion, thank Google. This either/or has arisen several times now, in prominent spots, […]