July, 2011

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Rupert’s hands

, Jul 20, 2011

The things that most fascinated me about the Murdochs’ appearance at Westminster last night were Rupert’s hands. They are thoroughly octogenarian. One thought of leopards and their spots, as the apparently doddery old guy and waffling, spinning young man ran rings around most of the MPs, who huffed and puffed. But one also recalled Lady […]
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Rupert: What a Jeremy Hunt!

, Jul 18, 2011

Poster seen in East London: The picture, of  a younger, still hair-blessed and virilish Rupert M, has been plastered with a sticker that reads: “What a Jeremy Hunt” It refers to the U.K. Culture Secretary. According to the Washington Post, News International pushed Hunt to refer its bid for British Sky Broadcasting Group Plc to […]