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Topic: music
The Nobel Prize Committee is out of its depth.

Dylan’s Nobel: Pointless and Stupid:

The Nobel Prize Committee is out of its depth.

Two songs to cheer up a depressing day

Some days you barely have to look up to glimpse all the stuff that can bring you down, or even crush you; but who said life was meant to be easy? Still, one can choose not to be depressed, which is not the same as being happy. In neutral. When one stands in the centre […]

Bill Withers and YouTube’s magic moment

The New Yorker‘s pop critic, Sasha Frere-Jones (who I thought of for a long time as a sassy woman of colour, but *alas*  is a fortysomething white guy with a blue-chip ancestry, originally Alexander Jones) wrote a piece recently about Bill Withers. I came across Bill Withers in the early 80s when I was rummaging […]

The www music of the spheres

Driving along and someone says, What’s that? We all listen hard to the radio. ‘Elgar?’ I say. ‘And it’s got a bit of Jerusalem.’ Please enter your email address Sign up ‘Very Anglican church,’ says the driver. A bit later the announcer tells us the wonderful stuff was the Jupiter section of Gustav Holst’s The […]

The music midlife crisis

Bye, Pop! Pop waves g’bye. So does Now take its leave of us … Crashingbore, we had to drive five forsaken hours through dust and dirt – and at the next stop, in the little coal mining boomtown of Blackwater, Qld, between Bluff and Comet, we stocked up on water, fruit, alcohol (not for onboard […]