August, 2012

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The ghosts that talk: Robert Hughes and Gore Vidal

, Aug 14, 2012

One of the great treasures of the ABC, which for me has moved from the periphery towards the centre of my screen, is iView, their online catchup webcaster. Currently there are two things worth some time. One is a repeat of Robert Hughes’ television swansong, the fully personalised and superb The Mona Lisa Curse, which […]
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Sooner or later, Robert Hughes

, Aug 08, 2012

BLUES FOR ROBERT HUGHES Shock — well, that’s one form of news; And modernity’s favourite ruse. Soon enough, Time summoned Robert Hughes Who kindly shared his critical views, And many, oh, many, stood accused: — Artists must pay their dues — Crappiness does not amuse — Complaint is obtuse — Meaning is what art woos […]
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For Robert Studley Forrest Hughes (1938-2012)

, Aug 07, 2012

For Robert Studley Forrest Hughes 1938-2012 Shock: that’s a kind of news. True blue among art heavies, A man who shared his clues — But ars longa vita brevis: Here lies Robert Hughes. 7 Aug 2012