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Topic: writing

On drawing David Malouf

Insomnia, writing a blog post, ABR philantropy, and making a picture with a lens, and then a pencil. . How to write a blog post Please enter your email address Sign up I had an itch to write a post that would tie a knot in the thread connecting Thick of It, Modern Family, MasterChef, […]

David Foster Wallace’s all-over-the-paginalia (+ Mulcher break)

+++ Away note: The Mulcher is away for a week, unplugged, off grid and off piste, up in the bright tropics, beneath umbrella clouds and the burning sun. Back Friday 21 May. Aloha la vista. +++

Your direct personal fate

Something for the last week of Lent: ___ ‘This world as you experience it is your direct personal fate.’ ___ Please enter your email address Sign up The Dean’s December, Saul Bellow

Wordwatch: gay, or ssam and ssaf?

Terms of engagement: ssam & ssaf: On a youth radio station the other day a woman being interviewed explained how her department did surveys among young folk about sexuality and homophobia – they never use the word “gay.” She didn’t say why but the clear implication was that it was too loaded. What they use […]