Crikey cheers and jeers from the cheap seats, taking you behind the curtain of Australian theatre to review the best (and worst) on stage. A team of writers lurk in darkened auditoriums around the country to blog the latest.

Taking their curtain calls:

Andrew Fuhrmann | Melbourne

Andrew is a Melbourne-based writer.

Matthew Kopelke | Brisbane

Matthew is a high school drama teacher by day in Brisbane’s Redlands area, but by night he becomes a theatre tragic. After living in the cultural wasteland that was Hervey Bay for seven years, a return to Brisbane in 2011 means his aim to see one brand new theatrical production each and every week should be a lot easier to achieve. His passion for the performing arts is matched only by his obsession with film and television and the latest in consumer electronics. He regularly blogs about these topics and more on The Sunday Talk.

Ben Packer | Melbourne

Ben Packer is an independent theatre director. Sometimes he makes theatre with his company — little death productions.

Lloyd Bradford Syke | Sydney

Known to practically everyone bar the stuffiest bureaucracies as Brad Syke, he is a writer, creative director, journalist, broadcaster, filmmaker, bon vivant and almost politician, who cleaves, unashamedly, unapologetically, to the left. Hell, he’s even lefthanded. If there was ever a self-confessed, unremediated, irredeemably bleeding-heart, small l liberal, he’s it. In his spare time, he enjoys catwalk modelling and rocket science. Oh, and the odd bit of performance art. (Very odd, sometimes.) He relishes ridicule and abuse from neocon ratbags and will give as good as he gets; only moreso. You have been warned.

Jason Whittaker | Melbourne

Jason’s love-affair with theatre began with Andrew Lloyd Webber, which probably ruined him for life. He’s been reviewing and blogging on theatre for a few years now, first in Brisbane where he also acted as a judge for the 2010 Matilda Awards. In 2010 he shifted south to join the Crikey crew as deputy editor. His theatre program collection is sizeable.