January, 2011

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REVIEW: My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend (Sydney Festival) | Everest Theatre

, Jan 18, 2011

Mike Birbiglia looks the part. Unassuming. Casual. He wears the uniform of the gen-X comic: well-worn jeans; button-down shirt over tee; sneakers. His manner, when he first walks on stage, matches his appearance. He’s surprisingly quietly spoken, which proves a deft technique for quietening the audience. This unexpected quietness is slightly unsettling, but strangely compelling. […]

REVIEW: Snow On Mars (Sydney Festival) | York Theatre

, Jan 12, 2011

Some of the best, most enchanting and memorable theatre I’ve seen has been for kids. That might say something about me. The theatre I’ve seen. Or both. The Festival of Sydney has jumped on the junior bandwagon with Snow On Mars, at Seymour. The possibility of vibrant life on other planets must seem particularly appealing […]