October, 2013

REVIEW: Women In Voice | Judith Wright Centre, Brisbane

, Oct 17, 2013

For 20 years, Women In Voice has provided a stage for singers young and old in Brisbane. The anniversary series at the Judith Wright Centre unearths more stars.
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REVIEW: Ute Lemper | Concert Hall, Sydney

, Sep 30, 2013

Ute Lemper held a Concert Hall audience spellbound with her song cycle based on the love poems of Pablo Neruda. Thanks to her, the Weimar era has never quite ended.

REVIEW: Rachel Collis (Sydney Fringe) | Glebe Cafe Church Space

, Sep 30, 2013

Is Rachel Collis the great, undiscovered, unwittingly underground cabaret talent of her time? Her Sydney Fringe performances sparkled with humour and poignancy.
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REVIEW: Blue Man Group | Lyric Theatre, Sydney

, Aug 19, 2013

The Blue Man Group is a messy explosion of vibrant colour and movement direct from Las Vegas. It's not rocket science, but it's damn good fun.
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REVIEW: Songs From Below 54th Street | Seymour Centre, Sydney

, Jul 25, 2013

Alexis Fishman is an arresting presence on the cabaret stage with a mix of music theatre and American standards. Her new show Songs From Below 54th Street wowed a Sydney crowd.
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REVIEW: Barry Humphries’ Weimar Cabaret | City Recital Hall, Sydney

, Apr 30, 2013

The Australian Chamber Orchestra takes a walk through the Weimar Republic with a couple of sensationally sassy guides -- cabaret star Meow Meow and the incomparable Barry Humphries.
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REVIEW: La Soiree | The Studio, Sydney

, Jan 21, 2013

Australia just can't get enough of the death-defying hijinks of this bawdy circus-inspired act. An extended season at the Sydney Opera House has plenty of return business -- even our critic.
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REVIEW: The Burlesque Hour (Glory Box Edition) | York Theatre, Sydney

, Nov 22, 2012

Who hasn't seen Finucane & Smith's The Burlesque Hour? Now's your chance to catch the international hit in Sydney, with new songs and sparkle.
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REVIEW: Dangling My Tootsies | Visy Theatre, Brisbane

, Jul 26, 2012

Lotte Lenya? Of course. But Agnes Bernelle? Who is she? One of the Weimar Republic generation, she fled Berlin as a teenager and spent the war in London as an anti-Nazi propagandist with the British Special Operations Unit, famously convincing the commander of a German U-boat to surrender by broadcasting a made-up message to him, […]
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REVIEW: The Divine Miss Bette | Slide, Sydney

, Jun 28, 2012

Catherine Alcorn has it easy. I mean, first and foremost, she’s bloody talented. She can sing. She can act. She has comic timing. And the confidence, the unmitigated chutzpah, to be Bette Midler. I thought only Bette had that. And she doesn’t need a writer. She just uses Bette’s material. Her songs. Her jokes. Her […]
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REVIEW: Songs In The Key Of Black | Slide, Sydney

, Jun 14, 2012

Lucy Maunder’s Songs In The Key Of Black is living proof you can have all the right ingredients, superlative talent in every corner, a note-perfect delivery (vocally and in every other sense) and still not quite sparkle. What this show lacks is a sense of spontaneity. So much so, I was almost hankering for a […]
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REVIEW: Bob Downe: 20 Golden Greats | Sydney Theatre

, May 29, 2012

It’s hard to believe the prince of polyester has been reigning for a quarter-century. Then again, it’s probably going on 20 years since I first saw him, at North Ryde rissole. The most delirious thing about that performance was I’m sure many of the patrons thought he was just another polished club entertainer-in-earnest. It could’ve […]
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REVIEW: What I Did For Love | El Rocco, Sydney

, May 20, 2012

Anne Wilson premiered cabaret act What I Did For Love at the 2010 Sydney Fringe Festival. That was at Notes, a rather expansive, impersonal setting for an intimate show, so, dingy and dilapidated as Kings Cross’ El Rocco now is, it was arguably a more conducive space for such. Frankly, it still deserves better, but finding a […]
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REVIEW: EnTrance | CarriageWorks, Sydney

, Apr 24, 2012

It’s not as if there isn’t considerable and considerably impressive craft brought to bear in Yumi Umiumare’s critically-acclaimed solo work, EnTrance, which opened Performance Space’s new season at CarriageWorks last week. As far as I’m aware it’s Umiumare’s debut in Sydney. In Melbourne, she’s already been warmly embraced. The Age, for example, has waxed especially lyrically: […]
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REVIEW: Meow Meow’s Little Match Girl | Malthouse Theatre, Melbourne

, Nov 18, 2011

For a cabaret artiste called Meow Meow, this is a performer who has always seemed more of a bird than a cat. She is flighty, constantly startled, her feathers always a little ruffled. The thrill of watching her in full flight — and it is indeed a thrilling spectacle — comes from knowing that she […]
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REVIEW: Doris Day, So Much More Than The Girl Next Door | Lyric Theatre, Sydney

, Nov 14, 2011

Melinda Schneider is a slightly buried treasure. Sure, she’s out there and has met with very considerable success; both critical and commercial. But she really ought to be better-known. Why? Well, the fact is, she’s one of our most prolific, original and brilliant songwriters. And singers. Hers is a smoky voice of quite some distinction: one […]
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REVIEW: LadyNerd (Sydney Fringe) | Seymour Sound Lounge

, Sep 19, 2011

I love a one-hour show. Well, to be a nerd about it, 55 minutes. And self-confessed ladynerd Keira Daley packs a lot into every one of those 55 minutes. If anything, it’s overwritten (by Daley). But, boy, is it well-written?! That’s a resounding ‘yes!’ All-singing, all-dancing Daley has done her homework. Which is nothing less […]

REVIEW: Broadway Bard (Sydney Fringe) | Sidetrack Theatre

, Sep 19, 2011

To Morrow, and to Morrow, and to Morrow! Fans of The Chaser will know Julian Morrow’s a pretty smart guy. Perhaps less well-known is his dad, Melvyn Morrow, is, too. He’s a backroom boy, but if I mention that he’s written, way back when, for Phillip Street Theatre and The Mavis Bramston Show (both of […]

REVIEW: Underdogs | Glen Street Theatre, Sydney

, Sep 15, 2011

Wayne Scott Kermond and Andrew Marshall were onto something when they came up with the concept for Underdogs, which they commissioned Tony Harvey to write. Four blokes of a certain age, entertainers all, but who haven’t seen a professional stage in a while, team and persuade smalltime entrepreneur, Barry Diamond (in the rough), to take […]

REVIEW: Serenely Independent? | El Rocco, Sydney

, Aug 31, 2011

El Rocco might have some claim to former fame and have undergone a most welcome change of ownership, but it still exudes surliness and is, at the end of the day, a pretty dingy hole in the ground which might be more aptly called La Cucaracha. Still and all, we must be thankful for small […]