October, 2013

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REVIEW: The Wharf Revue | Glen Street Theatre, Sydney

, Oct 17, 2013

The Wharf Revue is back, warming up for its STC season with tributes to Tom Waterhouse, Gina Rinehart, Julie Bishop and, of course, The Abbott Family.
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REVIEW: Arafat In Therapy | Parade Theatre, Sydney

, Aug 12, 2013

This isn't a one-man show, it's a 20-man-and-woman show. Jeremy Bracka is all of them and a whole lot more, in a show that tackles intractable politics with easy humour.
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REVIEW: Strassman: Careful What You Wish For | Athenaeum Theatre, Melbourne

, Nov 23, 2012

Puppets say the darndest things in the hands of veteran ventriloquist David Strassman. His new show in Melbourne stars familiar characters and clever new technology.
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REVIEW: Red Wharf: Beyond The Rings Of Satire | Wharf 1, Sydney

, Nov 08, 2012

The Wharf Revue crew have been doing this longer than they care to remember. But the latest intergalactic piss-take is as funny as anything you've already seen.
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REVIEW: Potted Potter | Comedy Theatre, Melbourne

, Oct 18, 2012

If you're going to parody a much-loved cultural icon you should at least get your facts straight. Potted Potter pleases some kids but proves something less than magic.
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REVIEW: Bob Downe: 20 Golden Greats | Sydney Theatre

, May 29, 2012

It’s hard to believe the prince of polyester has been reigning for a quarter-century. Then again, it’s probably going on 20 years since I first saw him, at North Ryde rissole. The most delirious thing about that performance was I’m sure many of the patrons thought he was just another polished club entertainer-in-earnest. It could’ve […]
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From the Wharf, through the Woods, to Melbourne

, Jan 08, 2011

Here in the echo chamber, we preview a piece of┬ávaudeville┬áthat’s about us (well, Crikey is mentioned at least). A play that mocks plays, including the very next production from the Melbourne Theatre Company. It’s all very meta. There’s not many left in the chamber, of course; just Don Watson and a few other marginalised bleeding […]
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REVIEW: A Distressing Scenario | Downstairs Theatre, Belvoir St, Sydney

, Nov 30, 2010

It’s tempting to be equivocal or non-committal, in deference to engendering less hate mail and fewer death-threats from disgruntled theatre practitioners who claim I can ruin their careers overnight with nary a harsh word. But not tempting enough. A Distressing Scenario, at Belvoir, downstairs, is in stark contrast to the inventive, informative, focussed offering from […]
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REVIEW: The Wharf Revue — Not Quite Out of The Woods | Sydney, Melbourne

, Nov 19, 2010

China might be in control of rare earth metals, but Sydney is still very much on its mettle when it comes to political satire, thanks, almost exclsusively, to the individual and combined talents of Jonathan Biggins, Drew Forsythe, Phil Scott and, now, Amanda Bishop. No, not the Channel 10 entertainment reporter and daughter of Frankenstein’s […]