November, 2013

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REVIEW: Motherland | Metro Arts, Brisbane

, Nov 07, 2013

An untold story about the marriage between a Russian president and a Brisbane heiress is fodder for Kathryn Lyall-Watson's accomplished new play at Metro Arts.
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REVIEW: Design For Living | Playhouse, Brisbane

, Oct 31, 2013

Wesley Enoch's Design For Living strips Noel Coward's sexual politics fable of its morality play in favour of over-the-top farce. And buries much of the wit at the same time.

REVIEW: Women In Voice | Judith Wright Centre, Brisbane

, Oct 17, 2013

For 20 years, Women In Voice has provided a stage for singers young and old in Brisbane. The anniversary series at the Judith Wright Centre unearths more stars.
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A festival of Shakespeare on the banks of the Brisbane

, Sep 26, 2013

The works of William Shakespeare were ripe for reinvention in two productions -- at very opposite ends of the spectrum -- at this year's Brisbane Festival.
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REVIEW: Spirit Of The Lore (Brisbane Festival) | Cremorne Theatre

, Sep 17, 2013

Our critic calls Spirit Of The Lore the most profound black theatre she's ever seen. The Brisbane Festival show -- prepared by a bunch of students -- must be seen.
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REVIEW: The Wizard Of Oz | La Boite Theatre, Brisbane

, Sep 12, 2013

Did the world need another Wizard Of Oz? Brisbane's La Boite offers one anyway -- a high-camp farce that doesn't present much to chew over.
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REVIEW: Tequila Mockingbird | Cremorne Theatre, Brisbane

, Sep 05, 2013

What would Harper Lee make of Nelle Lee's radical retelling of To Kill a Mockingbird? The characters are one-dimensional here, but it still works.
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REVIEW: Medea: The River Runs Backwards | Old Museum, Brisbane

, Aug 29, 2013

Medea has had a bad wrap. But did she have a choice? Zen Zen Zo explores the Greek myth in an immaculately staged production in Brisbane's Old Museum.
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REVIEW: Other Desert Cities | Playhouse, Brisbane

, Aug 21, 2013

Other Desert Cities has been nominated for Tonys and Pulitzer Prizes. So why was this Queensland Theatre Company production so boring? The energy seemed drained after opening night.
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A Conversation, and some Magic, from a veteran Brisbane theatremaker

, Aug 15, 2013

A veteran servant of the Brisbane stage, Bryan Nason has returned with a new company and a new take on French writer Michel Eyquem de Montaigne.
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REVIEW: 1001 Nights | GreenHouse, Brisbane

, Jul 25, 2013

What's the story behind the world's most well-known stories? A Brisbane retelling from the Queensland Theatre Company lights up the stage as a theatrical highlight of 2013.
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REVIEW: Venus In Fur | Cremorne Theatre, Brisbane

, Jul 16, 2013

Direct from Broadway, Queensland Theatre Company's production of Venus In Fur is a challenging night at the theatre, with assured performances well directed.
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REVIEW: Ballet Revolucion | Lyric Theatre, Brisbane

, Jun 25, 2013

Ballet Revolucion may not change the wider world. But it rocked our critic in Brisbane. The Cuban dance beat is infectious, the dancers beautiful, the theatrical party a lot of fun.
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REVIEW: The Bright Stream | Lyric Theatre, Brisbane

, Jun 13, 2013

For an audience it’s pure delight, for this is not a ballet with a meaningful plot, sinister characters, nor any underlying message. It’s simply about the joy of life.
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REVIEW: Le Corsaire | Lyric Theatre, QPAC, Brisbane

, Jun 07, 2013

Rather than dwell on the plot, it’s better to sit back and just luxuriate in the sheer magnificence of this performance, because it’s all here.
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REVIEW: Mother Courage And Her Children | Playhouse, Brisbane

, May 30, 2013

Brecht's sweeping epic stands up as a masterpiece in Queensland Theatre Company's radical reinterpretation, set in the black heart of Australia.
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REVIEW: A Tender Thing | Visy Theatre, Brisbane

, May 16, 2013

The Full Circle troupe brings the Royal Shakespeare Company's A Tender Thing to Brisbane. It's a deeply moving, emotionally and linguistically exhilarating ride.
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REVIEW: A Clockwork Orange | York Theatre, Sydney

, May 09, 2013

An all-male production of Anthony Burgess' A Clockwork Orange offers a terrifying performance from Martin McCreadie. But its dance beat is too West Side Story for the brutality of the story.
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REVIEW: Blak | Playhouse, Melbourne

, May 08, 2013

Blak intertwines stories of modern Aboriginal youth with traditional vistas to explore the life of boys and men. It's arresting in its choreography and design.
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REVIEW: Barry Humphries’ Weimar Cabaret | City Recital Hall, Sydney

, Apr 30, 2013

The Australian Chamber Orchestra takes a walk through the Weimar Republic with a couple of sensationally sassy guides -- cabaret star Meow Meow and the incomparable Barry Humphries.