September, 2013

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REVIEW: Cinderella | State Theatre, Melbourne

, Sep 25, 2013

You know the story, but Australian Ballet's production of the fairytale classic will still break your heart. Cinderella is exquisite from start to finish.
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REVIEW: Paquita and La Sylphide | State Theatre, Melbourne

, Sep 02, 2013

The national ballet company presents an exquisite double-bill in Melbourne and Sydney, showcasing some extraordinary athleticism by its principal dancers.
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REVIEW: Don Quixote | Joan Sutherland Theatre, Sydney

, Apr 17, 2013

Don Quixote emerges as about the most fun a dancer or dance devotee can have with tights on, or admiring them. It's old and new from the Australian Ballet.
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REVIEW: Don Quixote | State Theatre, Melbourne

, Mar 18, 2013

Rudolf Nureyev came to Australia to create one of the world's greatest ever productions of Don Quixote. Some 40 years later a couple of Australian dancers bring it back to brilliant life.
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REVIEW: Swan Lake | Joan Sutherland Theatre, Sydney

, Dec 04, 2012

Choreographer Stephen Baynes wisely doesn't mess with a classic in The Australian Ballet's 50th year. But this new production is oddly devoid of passion.
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REVIEW: Icons | Joan Sutherland Theatre, Sydney

, Nov 13, 2012

In the Australian Ballet's 50th year, a look back at three works that defined the company's charter. It's the fruits of the labours of our best and brightest stage artists.
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REVIEW: Onegin | Opera Theatre, Sydney

, May 17, 2012

The story of Yevgeny (Eugene) Onegin started, of course, with master-poet Alexander Pushkin’s verse-novel (389 stanzas, no less of iambic tetrameter; so-called Onegin stanzas, or Pushkin sonnet), a classic of Russian literature which began to be serialised in 1825. Onegin, the character, has since served as a ‘role model’ for numerous Russian men of fiction. […]
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REVIEW: The Merry Widow | Opera Theatre, Sydney

, Nov 17, 2011

Ah, wonder of wonders! Bliss. Sublimity. The Australian Ballet’s revival of its 1975 production of The Merry Widow loses nothing at all to the sands of time. In its 385th performance, it sports the dualistic genius of Robert Hynd’s spectacular choreography, as well as the comical eccentricities of Robert Helpmann’s scenario. Who would’ve thought a […]
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REVIEW: Bodytorque.Muses | Sydney Theatre

, Jun 01, 2011

The cleverly-named Bodytorque series, an annual event that steps beyond the Australian Ballet's home-turf, at the Sydney Opera House, is determined to present the edgy and up-and-coming
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REVIEW: British Liaisons | Opera Theatre, Sydney

, May 08, 2011

It might be the best of British ballet, but it could hardly be a more eclectic, diverse, or divergent selection which, I suppose, bodes well for the breadth of the Anglo-Australian connection, retrospectively and, dare I say, going forward. All are works well-inculcated in the Australian Ballet’s repertoire: 51st, 34th and 74th performances. Concerto is […]