Beaudesert is a rather largish seat to the South West of Brisbane, South of Ipswich and West of the Gold Coast that takes in a large part of the NSW/QLD border region.

Using the spiffy google maps of the Tally Room, you can see it in all its glory.

In the 1998 election at the height of the Qld One Nation craze, the One Nation candidate scored 27.4% of the primary vote in Beaudesert – coming third behind the Nationals on 32.9% and the ALP on 31.3%. That flowed through to a Nationals two party preferred of 54.1% compared to Labor’s 45.9%.

This isn’t the strongest piece of One Nation country in Qld, but it’s got its fair share of racoon hat wearing crazies on the one hand and general agrarian socialist disenchantment on the other. What will work in Hanson’s favour is that the current Member for Beaudesert – the National’s stalwart Kev Lingard – has retired, leaving relative LNP novice Aidan McLindon as the favourite to take the seat.

Currently Beaudesert sits on an LNP margin of 5.9% – however should Hanson attract around 20% of the vote and her preferences experience a high exhaustion rate that One Nation candidates have often experienced in Qld in the past, this seat could become marginal if a large swing away from Labor doesn’t manifest.

Aiden McLindon’s life just became a whole lot more complicated.


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