The Courier-Mail’s second Galaxy poll of the campaign shows the LNP opening up a 51-49 lead, following last week’s dead heat. The LNP leads Labor on the primary vote 44 per cent to 41 per cent (compared with 43 per cent to 42 per cent last week), with the Greens steady on 8 per cent. The Courier-Mail promises tomorrow will bring “a raft of other surprise results, including voter views on the important issues and their opinions of the leaders”.

UPDATE: (Possum)

galprims galaxytpp

Galaxy polls usually have a sample size of 800 which gives an MoE of around 3.5% – so these movements are all within the sampling error. In fact, it would take a sample size of over 9500 for these movements to be significant.

UPDATE 2: (William)

A further smattering of info from the Courier-Mail:

But the Galaxy Poll of 800 voters on Tuesday and Wednesday contained positives for Ms Bligh and some worrying trends for Mr Springborg. Ms Bligh holds a commanding lead as preferred premier at 48 per cent to 37 per cent, however she has dropped two percentage points during the campaign … According to voters, Ms Bligh is also well ahead of Mr Springborg when it comes to listening, trustworthiness and in touch with their concerns. Most also prefer Ms Bligh’s vision for the state.

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