Peter Van Onselen observed in his now infamous tracking poll article this morning:

Labor strategists are rushing campaign workers into the electorates under threat, even flying operatives in from interstate, in a last-minute attempt to turn around local fortunes.

I think we’re starting to see some evidence of this on the ground. Emma reports in comments on another thread on an intriguing line of propaganda in leafy Greens held Indooroopilly, and I was quite surprised to receive some direct mail today from my local member, Grace Grace. The Brisbane Central letter enclosed a pamphlet on “Delivering the best health care for children” which rather neatly rebutted all the LNP’s claims about the Royal Children’s Hospital in an eminently polite way without mentioning the said LNP.

Evidently the last minute blitz is targeting issues thought to be the most salient for swinging votes back to Labor in each individual seat.

It’s intriguing to think Indooro and Brisbane Central are having resources pumped in at this stage of the game though.

Any other reports of seat level activity would be greatly appreciated.

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