Welcome to Pineapple Party Time’s live coverage of the Queensland election. The PPT crew – Mark Bahnisch, Possum Comitatus and William Bowe – will be live blogging the count in the CoveritLive facility below. We will also be joined by guest Ben Raue, who is both of The Tally Room and at the tally room.

Please not that the facility is not open to all comers – readers are invited to discuss the count in the comments section on this post. While the facility to leave a comment is included on CoveritLive, please do not use it as your comment will not get cleared. Polls will close at 6pm and results should start to come in from 6.30pm, so expect the activity level to build up from those times accordingly.

Update: [by Mark] William and I will also be doing intermittent audio updates via Skype and livestreaming at The Sunday Talk throughout the evening.

Those outside Queensland or away from a tv who are interested in following the ABC’s coverage can access a livestream at Antony Green’s election page.

Update: [by Mark] William and I will be chatting to Matthew Kopelke at The Sunday Talk on the hour and at half past the hour respectively, with me kicking off at 6.30pm Queensland Time. You can listen here.

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