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Greg Barns


Greg Barns —

Greg Barns

Barrister and WikiLeaks Party national campaign director


The Oz's Matt Denholm loses the plot

Greg BarnsMar 19, 20102 Comments

"With the South Australian election also on a knife-edge, Labor faces the possible loss of two state governments, potentially creating an irresistible momentum for Tony Abbott and the f

The real wolves in sheeps clothing

Greg BarnsMar 18, 20103 Comments

Throughout this election campaign the ALP, and the Premier David Bartlett in particular, have harped on about the Greens being the wolves in sheep's clothing.  He would certainly have

Tasmania '10: new lows in vacousness, lies and sheer gutlessness

Greg BarnsMar 17, 20106 Comments

This year’s Tasmanian battle has set new lows in terms of vacousness, lies and sheer gutlessness on the part of the key players, says Greg Barns.