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SA Election 2010

Election Eve live-chat: 2pm today

Join the Crikey Team, plus commentators including William Bowe, Possum Comitatus, Charles Richardson, Greg Barns, Peter Tucker, Michael Jacobs and more, here from 2pm today (1.30pm SA time) to wonk out over tomorrow’s Tasmanian and South Australian elections.

The pundits predict tomorrow's polls

With one day until voters cast their ballots in tomorrow’s Tasmanian and South Australian elections, the papers are calling for the ALP to be returned in both states, although the pollsters are predicting it won’t be quite that simple. Here’s how the pundits reckon it will all play out, and what it will mean for […]

Election Eve editorials

It’s the eve of the South Australian and Tasmanian state elections, and time for the papers to engage in the time-honoured tradition of telling their readers for whom to vote. In SA, both The Oz and Advertiser are calling for voters to look beyond Mike Rann’s… colourful personal life and vote for him over rising […]

Advertiser poll: Labor to gain Mitchell from independent

Cross-posted at The Poll Bludger The Advertiser has made the rather odd decision to target the independent-versus-Labor contest of Mitchell for one of its precious electorate-level opinion polls. The poll’s headline figure is a 54-46 two-party lead to Labor, but that’s not the real issue here. What matters is who finishes second out of Liberal […]

Citizens Against Michael Atkinson: censored by Facebook?

by Crikey reader Raul Aguilera As of 6am on the 16/03/2010, I was no longer the founder of the Facebook group “Citizens Against Michael Atkinson”, which had seen unprecedented support from young South Australian voters.

SA: Educated guesswork

Cross-posted at The Poll Bludger After much indecision, I have finally appended my South Australian election guide entries with predictions for each seat. To cut a long story short, I am tipping Labor to win 24 seats (loss of four), the Liberals to win 20 (gain of six), independents three (loss of one) and the […]

SA: Is there an election on Saturday or something?

Three days out from the SA state election, it’s good to see Adelaide’s Advertiser is covering all the big issues. Here’s today’s big page-3 feature:

Today’s Galaxy poll in the Sunday Mail shows the Liberals with a 51-49 lead on two-party preferred.

Galaxy: 51-49 to Liberals in South Australia

Today’s Galaxy poll in the Sunday Mail shows the Liberals with a 51-49 lead on two-party preferred.