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2014 Calendars are here!

2014 Calendars are here!

Long time no blog post! But here is one now – the 2014 First Dog on the Moon Calendar is available for pre order and it is even more amazing than the 2013 and the 2012 calendars put together!

Spoken Cartoons!

I have done some. Here they are.  

First Dog on the Moon’s Guide To Modern Living

Hello patriots! I have a new radio spot. Every Sunday morning on Radio National’s Sunday Extra with my former editor Mr Frog! Hooray! You can hear First Dog on the Moon’s Guide to Modern Living at 9:55 am every Sunday and there is no reason not to. Here are links to a couple of them. […]

First Dog on the Moon – The Interview

First Dog on the Moon – The Interview

Part 1 of our 1 part interview series. Crikey spoke to Walkley Award winning Cartoonist and National Treasure First Dog on the Moon Crikey – So Mr Onthemoon, we understand you have a show coming up at Adelaide Fringe that you would like to plug. Mr Onthemoon – I’m sorry where did you say you […]

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Firstdogonthemoon presents the Animal of the Day

First Dog on the Vid’s Mooneo of the day number 677,005

zoos make me sad but this doesn’t [youtube][/youtube]  

Today’s Video of the Day is also a gif (number 4)

hahahahahahahahhaah hahahahahahahahaha the best bit is the graceful roll at the end    

Today’s First Video on the Moon (number 3) is a gif

This was sent to me by a dear friend who probably saw it on reddit.

First Dog’s VOD! Number 2 – The Dog and the Cabbage

Here is a video with a dog and a cabbage. [youtube][/youtube]