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Sep 12, 2008

The Lesser Sooty Owl (tyto multipunctata)

Welcome to the firstblogonthemoon. The main theme for this blog will be my highly uneducated views on flora and fauna, specifically, a daily investigation of a particular beast, phenome


Welcome to the firstblogonthemoon. The main theme for this blog will be my highly uneducated views on flora and fauna, specifically, a daily investigation of a particular beast, phenomena or thingy. This blog will be characterised by a lackadaisical approach to research and occasionally simply making things up. It will at times have a relationship with the daily Crikey cartoon and at times it will not.

I have thought quite a bit about this first post, how to make it fizzy and interesting and so on. But it occurred to me that i should probably begin as I plan to go on. Extremely casually. So here we are then…


We are starting with the Lesser Sooty Owl.

This is a great owl, although not a Greater Owl. I have selected this owl because it is in a book of owls I received as a gift. We will work our way through all of the other owls (and nightjars and frogmouths as well) but not all at once.

This owl has also appeared in a number of my cartoons recently and as soon as I can organise a link to them I will organise it.

A Lesser Sooty Owl

This is a lovely photo of an owl that I pinched off the internet. Here is the guy’s website http://www.wildwatch.com.au.


The Lesser Sooty Owl:

Distribution – Far North Queensland – Mountainy Rainforesty bits

Eats – owl food, you know, white tailed rats, long-tailed pygmy possums, random marsupials, insects, little birds (has remarkable ability to hunt in almost total darkness and rain). Also eats something called the Grassland Melomys which we will discuss further some other time (it is small and furry).

The Lesser Sooty Owl in history – Couldnt find anything.

The Anthropomorphisation of the Lesser Sooty Owl – While Owl from Winnie the Pooh was possibly the most famous of all the Anthropomorphised Owls (not the vile Disney version) I don’t think he was a Lesser Sooty. Neither was Hedwig who was white if memory serves. Then there was Ephraim Owl in the “Mole Family Christmas”. 

How to defend yourself against attacks from the Lesser Sooty Owl – TBA – Google is a bit thin on this.

The Lesser Sooty Owl and climate change – Global warming is really really bad.

The Lesser Sooty Owl and the US Presidential Elections – Research ongoing.




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12 thoughts on “The Lesser Sooty Owl (tyto multipunctata)

  1. frogmouths

    […] (and considerable humour) to include beasts whose taxonomy is in someway controversial. …The Lesser Sooty Owl (tyto multipunctata) First Blog on the …We will work our way through all of the other owls (and nightjars and frogmouths as well) but not […]

  2. girtbysea

    Jim “Hartypants” Hart (7:20):

    Aah, typos, the gift that keeps on giving.

    You got me there, bang-to-rights, a terrific bit of uber-owling, give the man a cigar.

    I admit it, I’ve never had occasion to type the word “bosom” ( or indeed bosun) before, and in the excitement, (especial because of the simultaneous contexts of my favourite fantasy setting, the maritime costume drama, and cross-dressing), and I reckon your diagnosis of a bit of freudian slippering where I was thinking of bosons and bosoms at the same time, or perhaps a boson with a bosom, was spot on.

    Do you bulk bill?

  3. Kyle Smith

    first dog.. I am shocked that you would use the commentary section of your first blog to attack Andrew Bolt.. It should have been in the first paragraph..

  4. Jim Hart

    Actually Firstdog, what girtbysea proposed was a “crinolined bosum” which in the context of a maritime costume drama might have been a typo for bosom or bosun. Or both. My wardrobe adviser favours the bosun interpretation on the grounds that a crinoline was worn closer to the hips than the bosom. (Remember: loose hips sink ships.) And from the crinolined bosun we can segue neatly to a reference to your other post on the cross-dressing habits of cuttlefish.

  5. Jeff Waugh

    Perhaps you could do a combined effort with co-blogger, Charlie Happell, on the sporting life of the humble quokka. :-)

  6. Bernard Kealey

    The Lesser Sooty Owl in history – Couldnt find anything.

    There was a Lesser Sooty Owl who lived in downtown Kiribilli and every night and in the early hours of the morning he would go “w00t woo; w00t woo”.

    Being a nuisance to some of the more well known inhabitants of a better known house in the area caused extensive inquiries to be made.

    ASIO (Australian Sooty Owl Intelligence Office) came up with the “broad” intelligence that it was not from the area (see above, “Far North Queensland – Mountainy Rainforesty bits”), was probably an illegal entrant (who heard of an owl getting a proper visa???) etc.

    The 4th Squad of the SAS (Sootyowl Action Squad) were called in (their better trained brethren being dispersed looking for Taliban and AlQuaeda owls in Iraq and Afghanistan) to search for the b-gger, but to know avail. A master of disguise and hiding is Mr Sooty Owl. And no matter how close the SAS got to him, he would still be able to evade capture and still be heard with his “w00t w00” day in, day out.

    Then a guest came to dinner; Darth Ruddock. When he heard the ominous “w00t w00” and was told that it was from an obvious illegal entrant to the whitebread joy that is Kirribilli, he ordered a (secret) dossier to be compiled.

    The key findings of the research has just been leaked by the British ornithological archivists who were consulted in.

    The most frightening point in the dossier was “it hunts and eats rats and other rodents” – the upshot of this being that the residents of the best-house-with-the-worst-tenants in the street became sure that they had to stay living where they were – under SAS protection for reasons that could not be revealed.

    Sorry Peter – you can’t blame Tony, or Alexander, or any of the others. It was the Owl that doomed you.

  7. leigh@crikey

    First Dog,

    As a displaced Sandgroper, now toiling away within the bowels of the Crikey bloganaut alongside your good self, may I request an investigative post into the humble quokka (Setonix brachyurus)?

  8. Pat Miller

    The lesser sooty owl would make a good leader of the liberal party. S/he would be adept at navigating the rainforesty mountainy treachery inherent in the process. A diet of random marsupials and insects would decimate the party ranks and make room for a few more lesser sooties on the rise. Eastern Great Horned Owls would do well also – a fact that girtbysea omitted in the challenging and well researched comment that totally failed to recognise the lesser sooty’s leadership potential.

    The Eastern Great Horned Owl, in his/her leadership contention, would do well to go for deed poll given recent events. Jonathan Green’s arsehat might be just the attire.

  9. Firstdog

    Girtbysea! Some excellent points and the use of the term “crinolined bosom” all in the one comment. And proper research too! Andrew Bolt’s head would come clean off. I always wondered about the piggy-wig with the ring in his nose.

  10. Piers Kelly

    Lesser Sooty Owls totally rock!

  11. girtbysea

    Further to Owls, the anthropomorphising of :

    What of the sea-going, pussycat-serenading, runcible-spooning, owl of Lear’s, which, I suggest is possibly even better remembered than Milne’s, by Disney?

    The original Lear illustration owl has very distinct facial discs, and “horns”, and, I suggest, is in fact an
    Eastern Great Horned Owl, Bubo Ascalaphus

    That’s from Gould’s 1837 “Birds of Europe”, and the enlarged version displays Lear’s signature. Lear was in fact a professional illustrator, and lithographer, it was he who taught Gould’s wife Elizabeth the craft. Gould, quite the cad it seems, owed everything to his wife and Lear. He used to erase Lear’s signature and substitute his own, this was one that got away.

    Of course we antipodeans know of Gould from “Birds of Australia”: He and Elizabeth came here in 1838, the year after Gould had been given the job of identifying the birds Charles Darwin had brought back from the Galapogus.

    It would seem that Charlie D. might owe the germ of the idea of evolution by natural selection to Gould who, with the help of some rather-more-on-the-ball beagle’rs, and despite Darwin’s sloppy labelling, twigged to the fact that speciation sorts according to geographic isolation.

    Poetic justice really: Gould rips off Lear, Darwin rips off Gould, so modern. I reckon there’s a movie in the tale.

    The big costume drama question is: was Elizabeth and Edward’s relationship strictly professional? Gould, not a very nice chap, and Edward the very soul of talent, and charm, somewhat tortured, famous in his own right, tutor to Queen Victoria no less.

    What crinolined bosum could resist going out to him? Sounds like a job for Our Cate.

    I’ll get out of your way now. GBS.

  12. Jonathan Green

    So here it is then, a representation of the sum of human endeavour. Arsehat.

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