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Day beds

Sep 24, 2008

A bird we saw this morning...

[caption id="attachment_164" align="aligncenter" width="450" caption="More bird"]



Here we are on Magnetic Island. Dad has a place. It is hot and I am on holiday. Blogging continues of course.

Today’s animal is a bird we saw this morning.

As big as a small loaf of bread with feathers and a long tail.

It landed on the front fence, flapped a bit and jumped onto the lawn. It crept along the shrubby fenceline in such a way that it reminded me of my cat. Except it was a bird. Comedy gold this bird.

I took some photos with my iPhone (I have one now you know). And then I rushed inside to get the proper camera – although we forgot to bring the lead thingy so we can’t connect it to the computer so I can’t upload those photos here but the iPhone ones are perfectly good as you can see below.

A funny bird
A funny bird
Another image of the mystery bird
More bird


Here is the bird again
Further bird


Some of our suggestions were…is it a pheasant? Is it a scrub turkey? Is it some kind of pudding? Why is it sneaking about like that? Has it done something wrong?

You’re all welcome to have a guess. Dad will be home later and he will know. He will say something like “Oh, you saw the Spotted Tailed Brown Bellied Rufous Hoohoo! Yes, they were introduced onto the island in the late 1800s to curtail the activities of the Rock Wallabies who have been eating the Kangaroo Grass I planted. Look, here is some wallaby poo!” Holidays with dad can be like that.



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19 thoughts on “A bird we saw this morning…

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  2. Firstdog

    I think the word you are looking for is “linkerer”

  3. Ern Malleys cat

    Just realised this blog is way old. Leigh Josey is worse linker than First Dog.

  4. Ern Malleys cat

    I wouldn’t totally discount the Curlew/Thicknee suggestion. The first photo looks a bit like their ‘stalking thin air’ pose. As Carol Blackman says, you should familiarise yourself with this bird. The comediest bird on the eastern seaboard.
    If it was a pheasant coucal/swamp pheasant you would have heard the ‘wine bottle emptying’ call.
    Does your Nixon-style absence from the front explain the non-sighting of the Bespoke Birthday Cartoon (Anniversarium marionii)?

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  6. Paul Wallbank

    get a phone with a decent camera. Sheeesh!

  7. Diana Simmonds

    If you were further north (a lot further north) it could be a Zitting Cisticola. But you aren’t and it isn’t, however I’ve always wanted to refer to a Zitting Cisticola ever since I found one in my bird book. Great name isnt it?

  8. Carol Blackman

    Ok I was wrong, the similarity and craziness of the bird was too much for me. You must however be very familiar with the curlew, both its mad call and its mad propensity for nesting in public places such as a street corner footpath in Annandale Townsville. I have beautiful photos of this estimable bird, its eggs and the street corner, but this blog won’t let me paste them in. If you want these photos, let me know how to get them to you

  9. Carol Blackman

    I think it is a curlew (previously and perversely known as an eastern thicknee) in nesting mode. Because it is moving around it is probably pretending ( at its various stations) to be dead. There is probably another stationary version sitting on eggs. Watched both incarnations (and the “look at me, I have a broken wing” stance) at the Palmetum in Townsville today after Tai Chi.

  10. Robert Gosford

    Hi Doggie,
    These are NOT Northern Myths – these are Northern Truths!

    My stories about the Pheasant Coucal come from Darwin. Last year I stayed with my mate in Fannie Bay in Darwin for a while and noticed a Bar-shouldered Dove had set up a nest on the topside of a palm frond – Pigeons & Doves build the flimsiest nests in the dumbest places…anyway, one morning I’ve having a coffee and a smoke and I see a PC attacking the poor, dumb Dove on its nest – trying to get to the eggs I suppose. This went on for some time – the Dove drove the PC away eventually and it went to sit on the fence and sulk for a while before it tried to have a swim in the pool.

    Maybe the PC just wanted to be mean to the Dove…PCs can be mean, and stupid (excuse anthropomorphism!). One time, many years ago, we drove out of town to visit friends 60 or so ks out of town near Darwin River. A PC ran in front of the car and, we thought, disappeared in a fluff of feathers…one dead Pheasant Coucal we thought. When we arrived our friends asked what the thing hanging off our bull-bar was – we had a look and there was the PC, looking very much the worse the wear…but still alive. What he should have done was asked nand we would have given him a lift…see what I mean? Imagine trying to hitch-hike on a bull-bar! Dumb heh? Conclusion – maybe Pigeons, Dove and Coucals are all as dumb as each other.

    Then there was another time…

  11. Christine Johnson

    Did you fly Qantas and are you positive you landed on Magnetic and not Fuerteventura, east of the Canary Islands just off Africa? Cause it could well be a Columba Olivia or rock dove pigeon. If its a green winged pigeon (Chalcophaps indica) or a bar-shouldered dove(Geopelia humeralis) you’re on Magnetic because they’re drawn to that place but not usually found around day beds. Can you creep up and take a closer photo because the concensus here is it’s either a leaf, dead palm frond or washing off the line next door?

  12. Jason Wilson

    Hi First Dog. I grew up in Townsville. It’s difficult to see but it looks like a bird that we used to call a “pheasant”, though they may or may not be related to actual pheasants. The best thing about them is that when they travel downhill quickly they can’t quite keep their footing and just sort of roll.

    Enjoy Magnetic Island. I guess you’ll be going to the koala sanctuary?

  13. Carson

    Thanks for the annotations, I must say the mystery bird is either a) a master of Camouflage, or
    b) I’m slowly going blind, or
    c) both.
    Hence the need for annotations to work out where it is
    oh..and I want a tropical day bed too

  14. leigh@crikey

    Have you figured out what animal it is yet? If it’s a new species maybe you can name it after Adam Cooney?

  15. Firstdog

    Yes – that is a day bed. And sleep happens in the afternoon whether you plan it or not. That is just how we roll in the tropics.

  16. Sophie Black

    did you have a nanna nap on your daybed?

  17. Thomas Hunter

    Nice day bed.

    (ps, you need the zoom lens app for your iPhone)

  18. Tanya Cumpston

    Beautiful plumage!

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