I got this today from my dear friend Nick Possum who I have never met. He has a mad website (www.brushtail.com.au) of which I am very fond.

He got this email from an unknown person who I have also never met and who is not a dear friend but I am sure is very lovely.

It is an email with photos attached, it is from Greig to Sarah and it says this:


It has been so hot in South Australia for over a week…40+ degrees Celsius everyday, very dry also. A guy at work lives at Maude. His wife sent him these photos of a little Koala which just walked into the back porch looking for a bit of heat relief. She filled up a bucket and this is what happened:

Maybe it’s an internet hoax. Its already viral. Who cares. It’s so CUTE! (and thirsty).

What more do you need?

Remember: In these difficult times, think of the beasts, what might they need? Here is a partial list:

  • A bucket of water
  • $5 to get the train to Bendigo because their mum is sick
  • Pants
  • Chocolate biscuits

So do the best you can.

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