Look at this! Google had a competition to see who could design the Google Australia Day logo and this year’s winner is this one:

(I have made some helpful notations)


Not bad – I quite like it. See how it spells G-O-O-G-L-E? Haha they should do that more often.

But this is not what made it on to the google oz search page. No!

This is what appears!


Why do google hate Aboriginal Australia? Do no evil? I don’t think so.

This is why Australian Owned Google should be ashamed of itself. What would Australian of the Year, world-renowned psychiatrist Professor Patrick McGorry say? He would probably say “Close the detention centres Kevin, you know you want to!”. I love him and his aerodynamic beard.

Anyway, we pretended to speak to someone from Google and this is what they might have said “Australia has a proud history of something or other and that is really important to the Google. Put that down, you might break it. And take off that dog suit, you look ridiculous. Anyway, that flag pisses some people right off and whatever we say, we are primarily in it for the cash so whatever, kind of like that guy in the previous post I can see over there, the unaustralian of the year fellow, that guy is just a giant evil sphincter walking around pretending to be a guy” but they didn’t say any of that which is a pity because it would make Australia Day way more hilarious.

Update – Someone has hacked the Google website and added some nonsense about the flag being copyright so they couldn’t use it. Obviously this was done just to make me look bad because 1. Like the internet I have ever been wrong, and 2. I have certainly never just made shit up or written a post without knowing all the facts. Why do Australians hate facts so much?

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