Number 2 in a series of slightly more than 2. Our second guest blogger is this person with the unfortunate growth on his stomach:

A Guest Blogger doesn’t just appear overnight. It takes years of dead-end jobs and exploitation by ruthless Fagin types before one is ready to be exploited just a bit more. This is just part of his sad story.

1996 — Scientific research


Stage 1 of the procedure to graft a human ear onto his back.

1998 — Part-time glamour model


He called this one ‘Green Steel’.

1998 — More scientific research


Solving the conundrum ‘Is it possible to tickle oneself?’.

(First documented instance of ROFL)

1999 — Drug mule


Unfortunate early termination of contract due to sampling of payload.

2000 — Chinese film star


Seen here as workers’ hero Pi Wei in the remake of the Mao era classic ‘Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy’.

2002 — Scientific fraud


The Scientific Committee taxonomists branded the newly described species (Felis melanamphibia) a crude hoax – “… clearly this is just a cat’s head on a saucer taped to a large tadpole”.

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