Better go find a seat on level three…

Marngrook possum!!


The complete strangers at this table just told me Brown is out! (not a euphemism) we had better win this one. I’m revising my tip, dogs by four goals a large hot chips and no heavy beer after half time.

Just paid a dollar to The cheer squad for 10 votes in this years cheer squad most popular player of the year competition. I voted for Robert Murphy because I don’t want him to feel unloved.

This just in, Optus have decided not to be shit today. At least here anyway.


I’m in! Coming live from the Bulldogs Victory Room. Carl advises that the match ups are 10 us, 5 them and three even. Also we have a much better bench and Jarryd Grant will kick 5 or 6. It is had to resist that kind of enthusiasm.


Just texting Carl to see if he did the match ups yet


Anyway dogs need a convincing win by 30 or 40 points. I say dogs by three goals and a large hot chips

Hey that guy looks like Finn from Glee except fatter and angrier

Normal pre match should consist of my pithy analysis of what is going to happen. So like all good footy journalists in this town I will paraphrase something I read on bigfooty.

“football will be the winner today, and Ian Collins”

Before 1.05
I’m on the train! It’s the 12:58 to flinders st. Excitementing. This is the Werribee line so there are loads of doggies supporters. And a saints supporter who is obviously lost.

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