Today is the first installment in my Campaign Diary. I am doing one because everyone else seems to be and I don’t want to miss out.

Day 1

Today I ran in the Run Melbourne 10k “Fun Run”. It was easier than I thought it would be after doing no exercise for the last three weeks.

However my legs and my nipples are now quite sore. Being able to say that is one of the benefits of having your own blog.

Anyway, my favourite part is where you get free stuff at the the end. I got a copy of The Age (which I already had two of… one virtual and a real one), I got a disgusting blue PowerDrink, a weird toxic muesli bar and some cheese flavoured rice crackers which I have to say were some of the nicest things I have ever eaten in my whole life and isn’t that a bit of a worry. I also got some Gel Blast Liquid Filled Energy Chews. I am quite frightened of them.

So, that is how I started day 1 of the 2010 Federal Election Campaing.

Or was yesterday day one and this is day two? Because yesterday technically was not a whole day. Should I be writing about what I did yesterday? I don’t think I did anything.

I have confused myself.

Also, this photo is hilarious…

Baby moving forward

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