Today started extra early because I had to get into the office and interview the ABC Interpretive Dance Bandicoot (now on twitter @dancebandicoot).

The low point of the day was watching Julia pike out on the Gay Marriage debate. She really can be a pill.

At the time of writing, Julie Bishop is flapping around on Q&A because try as she might, WorkChoices will not die.

The coalition cannot, will not kill it. They understand the need to distance themselves from it, but it is in their blood. They caper and hop. I find this enormously funny. There is a joke about necrophilia in there somewhere but I can’t be bothered.

In order to prove that he really means it, Tony has signed this WorkChoices killing, handwritten contract live on Radio today where everyone could see.

It appears to say:

“Wax Doona

Dear Hairy Candle

Tim Goooo”


That certainly clears that up.

Perhaps it is an attempt at haiku. The new, softer, poetry writing Tony Abbott. Perhaps not. Nice paper though, appears to have a wide tooth. Fancy!

Anyway, QandA is normally unbearable and I do not know why I watch it. During an election it is even more unbearable and makes me want to bite myself on the leg.

The End

[Edit] Bugger, I just saw the footage on telly – that paper is regular rubbish 3AW paper. It is just the photo that makes it look special. Typical Tony Abbott stunt, make it look like something that it isn’t.

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