This year’s holiday destination is Umbi Gumbi on the banks of the Cuttagee lagoon which is just south of Bermagui (pronounced Bare-MA-jhway) in NSW. It is a lovely spot and we are having a lovely time especially Robert. Umbi Gumbi is apparently a former hippy commune although we haven’t seen any former hippies.

Umbi and also Gumbi
Umbi Gumbi

This is Robert collecting a parcel from Linda at the Bermagui post office. We arranged to have it sent there especially because…


When we opened it in the Coffee shop over the road it contained The knitted Dalek! Sent to us by so-called Jane Notherrealname. How unimaginably marvellous.

Robert and tkd

After the incident (the Police Station was unattended at the time)…


We went to the hardware store and gave due consideration to the weather.


Then it was time to head home and fire up the barbecue so Robert could make his famous Huevos Rancheros. Trouble was, we couldn’t get it to work. And then a small blue mouse turned up (also knitted).

This Beefmaster is broken! Ooh look! A small blue mouse (also knitted).

A replacement barbecue was procured (although there was some confusion)…


Eventually, everything worked out for the best and here we are having a lovely time. Isn’t nice to make new friends.


(The Knitted Dalek was knitted by my new best friend “Jane” who is not a publicist at all and is also not actually called “Jane”)


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