Feb 10, 2011

Tony Abbott’s Penis: Did you know…

. I would just like to formally take this opport

First Dog On The Moon

Crikey cartoonist


I would just like to formally take this opportunity to formally announce officially that heretofore ongoingly and into the future Tony Abbott will be now and later be drawn as Mr Rabbit and not as Tony Abbott's Penis. Congratulations and thank you for your time. (Please note - Mr Abbott's Penis will take on the role of Opposition Leader's Press Secretary)

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17 thoughts on “Tony Abbott’s Penis: Did you know…

  1. Holden Back

    SBH if it had been a bunny, it would have been a Machinegun Fellatio gig

  2. SBH

    I thought Bernard Keane was anonymous

  3. Venise Alstergren

    Now anonymous has disappeared. It must be the weather.

  4. Venise Alstergren

    Dear FD, who got at you; or is this Rupert Murdoch’s revenge that he can’t put you where his slaves always place the obligatory H/Sun shots of animals? Try singing ‘”We will overcome”‘ backwards. There there little pooch. :roll: :shock: :)

    I seem to have become anonymous-with a green face, a large pair of grey ears. Ditto a sort of helicopter on a yarmaluke (sic)

  5. Buzz

    hare today, gone tomorrow

  6. SBH

    Indeed HB indeed, the flasher came and went. Past the front of Red Symon’s house, across the kids’ oval, up and over the hill to the grandstand, nothing, the skinny dogs just looked a bit embarassed. As if they should do something, but what? Now if it had been a bunny…………..

  7. Holden Back

    SBH How fortunate your whippets show no interest in a penis. That could be an embarrassing moment in Edinburgh Gardens.

  8. SBH

    good, the whippets showed no interest in a penis but they tend to approach rabbits as an exocet does naval assets. If the bastard turns up in the inner north they’ll go him.

  9. Captain Planet

    What’s the matter FD, Did Sophie finally experience some trepidation about the less than flattering genital representation of his halfwittedness?

  10. HB

    Personally – I am rather pleased not to have to look at TA’s penis any more. Thank you FD.

  11. paddy

    Just a small headsup Mr Onthemoon.
    You can expect a rapid request from the Beatrix Potter estate, to remove that rabbot from the red rag around the rude regions.
    (God save the flag.)

  12. Barry 09

    That’s not a rabbit , that’s a hare !

  13. Ross Sharp

    Rabbit needs more penis.

  14. LizzieA01

    It is truly the dawning (said arrival being premature or otherwise) of a new era for Mr Rabbott’s press secretary. I am sure that future unveilings of said secretary’s antics as portrayed by the Penis will be heralded with the same excitement as Debbie was upon her arrival in the capitol of the Lone Star State

  15. Holden Back

    RHW from one skid mark to another.

  16. rhwombat

    HB: is that flag shit-stained?

  17. Holden Back

    Spending more time with his family? Or hanging out with Bong Smoking Underpants?

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