Hey Science fans! Today is international Hug a Climate Scientist Day. Time to get your low carbon hugging pants on!

Here at Crikey, we are not ashamed to say we totally dig Climate Scientists and are quite upset that people want to threaten and frighten them (or anyone else ever of course).

That is why we launched a pretend campaign to encourage people to Hug A Climate Scientist. And then like all First Dog on the Moon’s ideas it was so good we needed to make it reality.

Accordingly, you should now send us actual photos of you hugging a real Climate Scientist or if you are one, you being hugged. If you don’t have access to a Climate Scientist (they are all hiding) a photo of you clinging desperately to a fellow warmenist and/or pet will do just fine. We will send some low carbon ¬†Cooty Notes* to the best ones. Hop to it! Send them to [email protected] with “hugging a climate scientist’ in the subject line.

*Have no idea if Cooty Notes are low carbon at all.

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