Oh my goodness! Here is your handy spoken word guided tour of my exhibition The Universe According to First Dog on the Moon in the form of a Podcast! My first one ever! I am quite excited.

If you download it on to your mp3 player, and then go and walk through the exhibition whilst listening to it, you can hear me talking sort of coherently about the show AT THE SAME TIME AS SEEING IT! SCIENCE!

I am trying to get the show to tour (anyone? hello?) but for those of you who cannot get to Platform I have included some photos of the various bits and pieces so you can listen to the podcast and look at the pictures at the same time and pretend that you are actually there.  How thoughtful. The link to the podcast is at the bottom. Left click to listen, right click to download. Click on the images to biggen them. And if you do actually go to all the trouble of downloading it and wandering through the exhibition, leave us a comment or some such because why not? Thank you for your time.

First Dog’s Podcast



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