Cash for Comment! This post is simply to flog stuff – read on at your money’s peril.

If you want First Dog merchandise you now have a plethora of options. I know it would be nice to have everything on the one website, but capitalism does not currently support this option.

There are now First Dog Mugs available at Firstdog Homewares (Zazzle)

T-Shirts are here…. at the First Dog Redbubble shop

Posters are here… at the First Shop on the Moon

And this just in The ABC Interpretive Dance Bandicoot Fridge Magnets are on their way! Stay tuned.

There is also stuff available at the Crikey Shop too.

If you want a particular cartoon on a shirt or a poster or a mug or even a goddam mousepad – let me know – I will see what I can do.


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