Part 1 of our 1 part interview series.

Crikey spoke to Walkley Award winning Cartoonist and National Treasure First Dog on the Moon

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Crikey – So Mr Onthemoon, we understand you have a show coming up at Adelaide Fringe that you would like to plug.

Mr Onthemoon – I’m sorry where did you say you were from?

Crikey – Crikey

Mr Onthemoon – Crikey… Crikey… the internet gossip zine! – Eric Beecher’s vanity project – yes I’ve heard of you!

Crikey – Well… yes… you are published in Crikey every day actually.

Mr Onthemoon – Am I? How marvellous for you! My publicist must have organised it – I outsourced the cartoons years ago of course, they do them in China now. Much cheaper and no one can tell the difference, it’s all just dogs uttering obscure rubbish. And of course they can draw people so that is handy.

Crikey – Is that how you have time to do your upcoming show at the Adelaide Fringe Festival? Because you don’t do the cartoons yourself any more?

Mr Onthemoon – What? Of course not, I lead a life of pampered leisure! I’ve outsourced writing and producing the show as well. It’s all done with pademelons these days. Although with something like a live performance one does unfortunately have to turn up in person. I lip sync the whole thing though.

Crikey – So what can Adelaide Fringe audiences expect from your widely acclaimed award winning show?

Mr Onthemoon – Oh it’s not just Adelaide – I’ll be at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival as well. And the little dears who pop along will be gobsmacked, they will behold a golden kaleidoscope of satire, song, dance, marsupials and sparkling wit the likes of which we shall never see again. *sheds a tear*

Crikey – It sounds very exciting – can you tell us what is the show actually about?

Mr Onthemoon – About? About? Why does everything have to be “about” something these days – you young people are so linear! The premise, if there must be one, is that our tender and precious democracy is in terrible danger! We need a hero! And here, with just a bandicoot and some pithy political cartoons the handsome devil-may-care Mr Onthemoon (played by moi) will arrive in the nick of time save Australia from the Chris Berg and the IPA, a grateful nation will sing his praises and rightly so.

Crikey – It sounds quite ambitious.

Mr Onthemoon – Yes it is, but I pull it off with aplomb of course. You should really come and see it. It is quite good. And even if I say so myself I am rather watchable. There is no nudity though.

Crikey – Thanks for your time

Mr Onthemoon – You are utterly welcome, give my regards to Mr Beecher.      *leaps out window*

You can see Cartoobs and other Typos at Adelaide Fringe 22, 23 and 24 February and also at Melbourne International Comedy Festival from March 28 to April 21.

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