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March, 2010

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Guest Post 2 – A guy and his cat

, Mar 05, 2010

Number 2 in a series of slightly more than 2. Our second guest blogger is this person with the unfortunate growth on his stomach: A Guest Blogger doesn’t just appear overnight. It takes years of dead-end jobs and exploitation by ruthless Fagin types before one is ready to be exploited just a┬ábit more. This is […]
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Guest Post: The truth about Glue

, Mar 02, 2010

Here at the Firstdogonthemoon Institue we have been inundated with three offers to write guest posts for our blog. Here in no particular order is the first one, from long time listener, first time caller Alice Cannon. Glorious glue! When I learned that Mr OnTheMoon was too lazy to write his own blog posts I […]

Invitation to Guest Post on the Greatest Blog of all time.

, Feb 28, 2010

How lazy am I? I am the laziest. I’m behind on the blog updatingness and I have a couple of post ideas but nah… not really. So why should I do any work when other people can do it for me? Why? How would you like to appear on this hugely and widely read blog, […]
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I’m even famouser than I was earlier

, Feb 09, 2010

Holy Space Cows! I have been “interviewed” by an online e-blog. It is called “New Matilda” and they seem nice enough. Go hither.
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Unaustralian of the Year – an update

, Jan 26, 2010

Look at this! Google had a competition to see who could design the Google Australia Day logo and this year’s winner is this one: (I have made some helpful notations) Not bad – I quite like it. See how it spells G-O-O-G-L-E? Haha they should do that more often. But this is not what made […]

Crikey’s Unaustralian of the Year

, Jan 25, 2010

We received this important press release this morning which is the first and so far only entry in Crikey’s Unaustralian of the Year Award. This sort of populist appeal to “Australian Ideals” combined with faux concern for “mates” left behind to do the work is disingenuous and creepy. At the end of the day it’s […]
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, Jan 17, 2010

Some may suggest this is not worthy of a blog post. They would be wrong.
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A cat in Iraq!

, Jan 16, 2010

I have been fiddling about with a computer program called comiclife (as some smug, smarty pants commenters on Monday’s cartoon suggested). I am not trying out this program because I am a lazy cartoonist who wishes he had a cartoon machine that would draw all his cartoons for him while getting him cups of tea […]
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Mogo Zoo: Why do they hate Water Buffaloes?

, Jan 05, 2010

I bicycled from Broulee to Mogo the other day. My journey took me past the Mogo Zoo and in a paddock nearby I saw the lovely Water Buffaloes. We are always excited to drive past the Mogo Zoo and see their Water Buffaloes because Water Buffaloes! This time I was on a bicycle so I […]
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My friend the beach

, Jan 02, 2010

I was going to do a long complicated holiday post with photos and stuff but I’m on holiday. So here are some of the holiday things I have done on holiday! Chose not to go to the Unreal Wrestling Association event which is on tonight at the Bateman’s Bay Bowling Club – can’t be bothered. […]