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July, 2010

Firstdog’s pitiful and uneventful #ausvotes Campaign Diary – Day 3 or so

, Jul 21, 2010

I received two important letters today. Alright, I didn’t. But I did get two letters. And a gas bill, so that is three. And the gas bill is kind of important. Anyway I got a letter from Tony himself! It was addressed TO THE VOTER which could mean ANYTHING but I OPENED IT because I […]
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First Dog On The Moon’s Crap Campaign Diary – Day 2

, Jul 19, 2010

Today started extra early because I had to get into the office and interview the ABC Interpretive Dance Bandicoot (now on twitter @dancebandicoot). The low point of the day was watching Julia pike out on the Gay Marriage debate. She really can be a pill. At the time of writing, Julie Bishop is flapping around […]
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First Dog On The Moon’s Campaign Diary – Day 1

, Jul 18, 2010

Today is the first installment in my Campaign Diary. I am doing one because everyone else seems to be and I don’t want to miss out. Day 1 Today I ran in the Run Melbourne 10k “Fun Run”. It was easier than I thought it would be after doing no exercise for the last three […]

Bali – Land of fragrant marvels

, Jul 03, 2010

Things I know about Bali now that I didn’t before 1 It is covered in fungus 2 There aren’t many spiders 3 The National Pastime is trying to kill yourself on a motorbike 4 There are squirrels

Quarter Four

, Jun 13, 2010

4.56 That’s it. Thanks to Amanda who was the only person really getting involved. I think the lesson from today’s liveblogging is that in spite of my considerable fabulousness it was a bit crap. But it was fun. So maybe more and maybe not 4.54 Paul says: despite patiently waiting all game for the promised […]

quarter three

, Jun 13, 2010

4.05 We might be safe. In other news, Paul has a man crush on Josh Hill 3.58 I’ve been asked why I bring a computer to the football, don’t I want to watch the game? I advised them that I am a professional and I am from the Internet. 3.57 Paul thinks Easton Wood is […]

The Game – Second Quarter

, Jun 13, 2010

The imps are making up new rules! 3.13 We are a bit of a rabble in the middle at the moment 3.08 Pies are yummy but what about the cows? 3.05 Where are we up to? It’s a bit lonely liveblogging, I need a friend. Also the lions are staging a sort of comeback so […]

The Game

, Jun 13, 2010

2.36 Dogs by a zillion. We can certainly lose from here 2.35 Josh Hill plays like a two year old 2.31 Ladies and gentlemen, the goal kicking comedy stylings of Big Will Minson 2.30 It flew away 2.27 There is an injured bird on the field The dogs are running about a lot and so […]
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Pre Match

, Jun 13, 2010

Better go find a seat on level three… Marngrook possum!! 1.36 The complete strangers at this table just told me Brown is out! (not a euphemism) we had better win this one. I’m revising my tip, dogs by four goals a large hot chips and no heavy beer after half time. 1.28 Just paid a […]
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Did I mention I have an iPad?

, May 29, 2010

Now of course some shallow people will think that just because Kate Winslet appeared to them in a dream and gave them an iPad they are somehow better than people who that didn’t happen to. And of course in my case it is true. So here is the cartoon I drew on the iPad with […]