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Sep 12, 2008


Welcome to the firstblogonthemoon. The main theme for this blog will be my highly uneducated views on flora and fauna, specifically, a daily investigation of a particular beast, phenomena or thingy. This blog will be characterised by a lackadaisical approach to research and occasionally simply making things up. It will at times have a relationship with the daily Crikey cartoon and at times it will not.

I have thought quite a bit about this first post, how to make it fizzy and interesting and so on. But it occurred to me that i should probably begin as I plan to go on. Extremely casually. So here we are then…


We are starting with the Lesser Sooty Owl.

This is a great owl, although not a Greater Owl. I have selected this owl because it is in a book of owls I received as a gift. We will work our way through all of the other owls (and nightjars and frogmouths as well) but not all at once.

This owl has also appeared in a number of my cartoons recently and as soon as I can organise a link to them I will organise it.

A Lesser Sooty Owl

This is a lovely photo of an owl that I pinched off the internet. Here is the guy’s website


The Lesser Sooty Owl:

Distribution – Far North Queensland – Mountainy Rainforesty bits

Eats – owl food, you know, white tailed rats, long-tailed pygmy possums, random marsupials, insects, little birds (has remarkable ability to hunt in almost total darkness and rain). Also eats something called the Grassland Melomys which we will discuss further some other time (it is small and furry).

The Lesser Sooty Owl in history – Couldnt find anything.

The Anthropomorphisation of the Lesser Sooty Owl – While Owl from Winnie the Pooh was possibly the most famous of all the Anthropomorphised Owls (not the vile Disney version) I don’t think he was a Lesser Sooty. Neither was Hedwig who was white if memory serves. Then there was Ephraim Owl in the “Mole Family Christmas”. 

How to defend yourself against attacks from the Lesser Sooty Owl – TBA – Google is a bit thin on this.

The Lesser Sooty Owl and climate change – Global warming is really really bad.

The Lesser Sooty Owl and the US Presidential Elections – Research ongoing.