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Feb 19, 2012

Down with detailed programmatic specificity

In case anyone missed it, here's the HappyLittleVegemiteKR clip that's been doing the rounds: [youtube][/youtube] It seems the Courie

In case anyone missed it, here’s the HappyLittleVegemiteKR clip that’s been doing the rounds:


It seems the Courier Mail was the first to get hold of the story and described it hilariously as a “tax-payer funded video”. (Yeah, Kev, if you want to swear at the camera do it on your own dime.)

There’s nothing really to add to the commentary but its a shame that only the out-takes are available and none of the attempts at his Mandarin address for the Chinese community organisation. From the man whose English expression is so famously obtuse it’s curious that he would insist on “simple sentences”, raging that “this fucking language… it just complicates it”.

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4 thoughts on “Down with detailed programmatic specificity

  1. SBH

    One of my proudest moments (well, maybe not proud but….) as a public servant was to get ‘detailed programmatic specificity’ into a brief.

  2. Bellistner

    Addendum: Who leaded this time? Julia supporters? Right-wing mole in the ALP to LNP source? Sacked departmental staffer? And does anyone actually care anymore?

  3. Bellistner

    And so the Kevin Vs Julia show rolls on…

  4. William Steed

    I’m not surprised that KRudd would get frustrated over recording something in Chinese. When it’s loaded with political words and tight, formal phrasing, it’s difficult to read confidently unless you’ve had some time to get really familiar with it – something I doubt he had time to do!

    I certainly don’t envy Chinese newsreaders their job – but I do admire the way they manage to get it all out so fast and so clearly without stumbling. Even for a native speaker it’s difficult.