Piers Kelly writes:

I’m on Lingua Franca this Saturday talking about Fully (sic) and why it’s … fully sick (and reading this post). I’m afraid that under pressure I revert to a monotone, like cornered prey trying to blend in with in with the sound of the circling wasps. For best results, I suggest you give it some extra lift by playing some kickin’ electronica in the background.

Fully (sic) has now been going for more than two years! When we first started, we were just as a rag-tag bunch of misfit adventurers, Kevin Rudd was PM and Justin Bieber’s “Baby” was topping the charts.

Our driving motivation was to produce language commentary that was not only fun but rigorous. We had a notion that language ‘news’ might be more than just: ‘Kids, Migrants, Aborigines have Poor Language Skills, Manners’, ‘Last Speaker of Babakiuerian Dies Along With Everything We Know About Trodden Upon Way of Life’, ‘Body Language of Politician Reveals that She Left the Oven On or Plans to Murder Colleagues’, ‘Football Star Apologies for Calling Player a Curmudgeonly Blackguard’ etc, etc, etc.

How have we done? What can we do better? What should we cover? Send us your thoughts.

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