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Up-goer Five

Up-goer Five

James McElvennyJan 29, 20131 Comment

Big words and jargon confound and conceal - it's a common claim. James McElvenny looks at the recent Up-goer Five craze of explaining complex topics using only the 1,000 most common words.

'Kind of butthole'

‘Kind of butthole’

James McElvennyApr 27, 20122 Comments

James McElvenny writes... I always thought of Archie as a nice boy, but now I see that he is in fact a very rude young man, possibly due to the strain of being a teenager fo

'A more exacting censorship'

‘A more exacting censorship’

James McElvennyDec 19, 2011

James McElvenny writes...

Beware of scientists bearing expertise

James McElvennyNov 4, 20119 Comments

James McElvenny writes... The title of this post is probably a bit misleading. This is not an anti-science rant as such. My title is simply intended to evoke

Culturomics and Google Books

Culturomics and Google Books

James McElvennyFeb 18, 20114 Comments

To their credit, they continually stress that any trends revealed by the data need to be interpreted carefully - we need to come up with external explanations to account for what we

What's in a name?

What’s in a name?

James McElvennyOct 7, 2010

A name that's been on my lips quite a bit lately is Deutsche Bahn, the name of the German train service. It generally gets muttered under my breath - along with some lovely

What’s prescriptivism all about, anyway?

James McElvennySep 5, 20108 Comments

James McElvenny writes: The world of blogging - as I'm sure Fully (sic)'s readers have already noticed - consists largely of rants and counter-rants. A favourite co


James McElvennyAug 23, 201019 Comments

James McElvenny writes: In my role as Fully (sic)'s (temporary) Europe correspondent, I've had the opportunity to observe some pretty strange uses of my native lang

Aussier-than-thou expats at the ballot box

Aussier-than-thou expats at the ballot box

James McElvennyAug 19, 20109 Comments

James McElvenny writes:...As I listened to the various conversations going on around me I realised that the embassy was staffed exclusively by Paul Hogan and Steve Irwin's mates.

Linguistic border security

James McElvennyAug 16, 20101 Comment

James McElvenny writes:...If the queue-jumping terrorist refugee says sibboleth, in his distinctive Ephraimite accent, the soldier knows he's a refugee and kills him