December, 2015

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So where did the Aussie accent really come from?

, Dec 21, 2015

There are many folktales and controversies about the origins of Australian speech. But what does history really tell us about the Aussie accent’s development? Have people’s views of it changed? And where is it headed? Richard Ingold takes us through the basics of Australian English.
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From milk bars and potato cakes to delis and fritters: a taste of Australian English regionalisms

, Dec 14, 2015

In Australia, we sometimes have multiple words for the same thing. Sydney Kingstone reports on her current research into who says what where.
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Welcome to Australian English, where swearing isn’t swearing

, Sep 25, 2015

Is 'shit' a swear word? What about 'pretty'? Catherine Cook looks at the complexities of swearing in Australian English, where everything is not as simple as it sometimes seems.

ABC Language rises from SCOSE’s ashes

, Aug 06, 2015

It’s time to get excited. ABC’s language advisory body is back!
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Big Brother is watching (your grammar)

, Jul 02, 2015

Who would watch Big Brother in this day and age? Maybe not who you might expect. Isabelle Burke explains how reality TV is proving to be an ideal way to study language.

Skol! scull! scoll! … erm … skål?

, Apr 22, 2015

Did you hear the news!? Tony Abbott downed a beer! Quickly! A politician! The Prime Minister! Beer! Quickly! Beer! The story of Abbott’s recent drink-em-up isn’t, in the Grand Scheme of Things, really that remarkable. But there’s something about its coverage that caught our eyes at Fully (Sic) HQ: the spelling of what those around […]
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Swedes and Australians say yes to gender neutrality

, Apr 02, 2015

As society becomes more focussed on equality, some languages are evolving to include gender-neutral pronouns. Allie Severin and Hedvig Skirgård discuss how this is playing out in Swedish and Australian English.

No, Baden Eunson, English is not vunerable in Straya

, May 13, 2014

It’s that old conservative chestnut. We’ve lost our way. We’re falling into an amoral, amorphous, or—in the case of linguistic conservatism—ungrammatical purgatory. But fear not! Redemption is at hand! Just some simple alterations to your accent, to reflect centuries-outdated pronunciation preserved in an obscure, inefficient orthography, and you’ll be saved! It’s this style of peevology […]

Grammar pedantry across the generations

, Apr 28, 2014

People often bemoan that kids these days aren't being taught grammar. Allie Severin writes about her research, and shows that young people are just as discerning, they just notice different things.
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The bouncer at the national door: the Australian citizenship test

, Jun 03, 2013

The Australian citizenship test has been with us since 2007, but is it doing more than just quizzing future Aussies on their knowledge of our form of government, our sporting legends and our public holidays? Linguistics student Ben Purser asks some questions of his own.