October, 2016

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Yijarni: True Stories from Gurindji Country – a sad, marvellous historical canon

, Oct 19, 2016

The Wave Hill Walk Off is commemorated widely but what happened to Gurindji people on their own country before the Walk Off is less well known. A new publication, told bilingually in Gurindji and English, shares what Gurindji people want the world to know about what happened. Greg Dickson reviews Yijarni: True Stories from Gurindji Country.
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Australians win medals at the Linguistics Olympiad

, Aug 15, 2016

While our athletes are in Rio, Australian high-school students have come back from Mysore (India) with gold and silver medals from the International Linguistics Olympiad! Hedvig Skirgård and Dominique Estival report.

The relationship between language and culture for Sherpa speakers

, Feb 03, 2013

Lauren Gawne writes: Given that the average PhD thesis would take a full day to read aloud, it’s no mean feat for a research student to distill the importance of their work into just a couple of minutes. That is what University of Melbourne research student Sara Ciesielski has done in this two minute animated […]
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Competition: Name the languages on the Yarra Trams posters

, Aug 29, 2012

Lauren Gawne writes: As part of the ongoing campaign Yarra Trams to remind Melbournians that trams are heavy things these posters have been popping up all over town: Can you name all 25 of the languages? The Fully (sic) team have worked it out but now it’s your turn! The first person in the comments section below to name […]

A metaphoric antidote to ‘queue jumping’

, Jun 23, 2011

Last week on a plane between Sydney and Melbourne, I met a bloke who was heading home from a conference about refugee policy, hosted by the Refugee Council of Australia and the United Nations Commissioner for Refugees regional office Canberra. He works for Hotham Mission’s Asylum Seeker Project, which is doing some excellent work in […]
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No pimping this ride

, Apr 21, 2011

An extraordinary story appeared yesterday morning concerning a minor dispute between the NSW Roads and Traffic Authority, and the owner of the personalised numberplate ‘Kiki’. Kirsten Perry, whose nickname is ‘Kiki’, was required to show ‘just cause’ for keeping her beloved plates on account of the fact that the word is apparently used to describe “part […]

Competition winners

, May 03, 2010

The announcement of our Ruddbot translation competition winners was never likely to contain anything in terms of detailed programmatic specificity. Let me just say that we narrowed the field down to 11, then to four, formed a committee, initiated a review, assigned a taskforce, consulted the entrails and decided to crown Michael Nolan for ‘It’s […]
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COMPETITION: The RuddBot Detailed Programmatic Specificity Translator™

, Apr 19, 2010

It probably comes as no shock to learn that most members of the Crikey crew are total word nerds. We love a good pun, inventing stupid haikus and are fully paid-up members of the Subeditorial Antics Appreciation Society. But our all-time favourite office word game is the “DetailedProgrammaticSpecificityTranslator™” — also known as “RuddSpeak”. Everything is […]