March, 2013

PAX Australia: expo culture, videogames, and exclusion

, Mar 26, 2013

Though the news that the famous Penny Arcade Expo would be coming to Melbourne in 2013 was greeted with excitement, the Penny Arcade brand has a history of exclusion and harassment that should be watched closely.

Funding success? What the industry thinks of the federal government’s $20m Games Fund

, Jan 25, 2013

From this year, Screen Australia will have $20m to fund Australia’s videogames. At the end of public consultation on the fund, we ask key developers and commentators what impact the Federal Government’s money can have.
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Finding the Play in Art

, Jan 02, 2013

But is it art? The Museum of Modern Art has placed videogames in its permanent collection. Benjamin Nicoll asks whether they belong.
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#1ReasonWhy: sexism, the future, and videogame culture

, Dec 17, 2012

Sexism and exclusionism in videogames culture—once taken for granted—has increasingly been challenged over the last few years. The most visible flashpoint to date was a recent Twitter hashtag that became a space for shared stories and support. In this guest post, Leena van Deventer outlines what #1reasonwhy meant to her, and what it has inspired.
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The Age of Wii

, Dec 10, 2012

The Wii was meant to be invisible, to blend in with our daily lives and routines. With the release of its successor, the Wii U, it's time to look again at Nintendo's little white box.
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Killing Is Harmless: new avenues for videogame criticism

, Nov 22, 2012

Brendan Keogh’s new book about Spec Ops: The Line marks an important moment for writing about videogames.
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Gambling on a game: FIFA 13 and Virgin Gaming

, Nov 15, 2012

Gambling and videogames should be a hot topic in Australia. So why is no-one concerned that EA's FIFA 13 works with Virgin Gaming to allow players to bet on matches?
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Reshaping the national story at GCAP 2012

, Oct 22, 2012

At this year's Game Connect Asia Pacific conference, the mood was split between change and consolidation for videogame makers.
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Why code is not poetry

, Oct 02, 2012

It’s a romantic idea, but we need to understand the differences between code and poetry while we embrace the idea of creative things being made with computer languages. The simple difference? Code does, while poetry doesn’t.
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Talking through mediums: conversations at the Freeplay Independent Games Festival 2012

, Sep 28, 2012

The speakers and attendees at this year's Freeplay Festival pushed beyond the dialogue that we’ve been rehearsing for years about videogames and other media, aiming for something a little deeper, a little more rewarding, and hopefully, a little more honest.