Goodbye from Rocky and Gawenda..for now

Michael GawendaNov 18, 2009 14

Rocky and I have decided the time has come to move on. I signaled this possibility in a previous post, on September 17, when I posted a piece which showed, I hope, the direction in whic

Strangers on God’s beach

Michael GawendaOct 16, 2009 4

There was a baptism on the beach this morning. It was a morning of lovely sunshine and cloudless skies, windless and warm, gently so, a spring morning and we could feel it, Rocky and I,

A Day of Atonement.

Michael GawendaOct 1, 2009 3

Rocky resisted emphatically, straining against the leash, his legs rigid and dug into the wet grass of the park, as I tried to head towards the beach. The rain came down in swirls, soft

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Rocky and Gawenda, the book launch

Rocky and Gawenda, the book launch

Michael GawendaSep 27, 2009

Linz, Hitler and me

Michael GawendaSep 17, 2009 4

This may well be one of my last posts on Rocky and Gawenda. The writing has taken me in a new and unexpected direction, where memory and imagination meet. I am not

Rocky rejected, love betrayed

Michael GawendaSep 3, 2009 2

It is the second day of spring. Beside the St Kilda pier, on a morning  that feels as if winter has gone, consigned to wherever it is that memories are stored, the sky light blue, th

The return of hope

Michael GawendaAug 24, 2009 2

By the time we reach the boardwalk beside the cafes on our way home, having walked, Rocky and I, out to the edge of the water along the sandbank that separates St Kilda beach from th

Rocky and the mystery of friendship: part two

Rocky and the mystery of friendship: part two

Michael GawendaAug 13, 2009 3

Rocky and Gawenda between the covers.

Rocky and Gawenda between the covers.

Michael GawendaAug 7, 2009 1

I would not have done this

Rocky and the mystery of friendship

Michael GawendaAug 3, 2009 4

An old friend emailed me  to say that he felt he has been replaced in my affections by Rocky.  My friend, my oldest friend,  had asked me to do something for him, a rather trivial th