Nov 18, 2009

Goodbye from Rocky and Gawenda..for now

Rocky and I have decided the time has come to move on. I signaled this possibility in a previous post, on September 17, when I posted a piece which showed, I hope, the direction in whic

Michael Gawenda

I am a journalist and writer

Rocky and I have decided the time has come to move on. I signaled this possibility in a previous post, on September 17, when I posted a piece which showed, I hope, the direction in which my writing was taking me–away from Rocky and Gawenda. Rocky is on board with this, for our mornings together continue uninterrupted and of course we remain each other’s affectionate–no loving – companion. But for now, there will be no mornings with Rocky sitting  on my lap as I write another episode of Rocky and Gawenda. I am drawn elsewhere, though Rocky will be welcome on my lap anytime.. This writing has led me down a new–though not wholly surprising–path and I have already travelled down it some  short distance. I think this path may be a long one and I will have to walk it slowly. Then again, maybe not. Perhaps I have walked down it in my head far further than I know.

I might, at some stage, post bits of this new writing which I find hard to describe, for I have no real idea where it is leading me. I have so enjoyed writing this Rocky and Gawenda thing. So has Rocky I think. And there’s the book of course, Rocky and Gawenda: the story of a man and his mutt which is in all good bookshops. It is a lovely looking book. The photographs are gorgeous and the writing, well I hope the writing touches some people. It touched me, especially the chapters written by my children Chasky and Evie.

That’s it then. Rocky sends his love. So do I.

Another sunrise beckons.

Postscript: My son’s band Husky is recording a new album and a single from it, Dark Sea, will be formally released on Saturday 28 November at  8.00pm  at The Astor Theatre on Chapel Street in Prahran. It should be a great gig. Dark Sea has been played on Triple J and received rave reviews.

Tickets are cheaper on presale – Astor box office – 9510 1414.

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14 thoughts on “Goodbye from Rocky and Gawenda..for now

  1. Michael Gawenda

    Lutzia, thank you. I am glad you enjoyed the book. Of course there are a number of blog posts on the site that were not in the book and I hope you read and enjoyed them. There might be a sequel if Rocky approves. As I said in my farewell, another book is brewing. Thanks again for this lovely message.

  2. Lutzia

    Oh I’ve only just discovered Rocky and Gawenda the book at my local library – I loved it – and now come searching for the blog and find the Gawenda is on another journey – drat! I hope it ends in another book? Well done Mr Gawenda – thank you for sharing your thinking with me. We all think our early morning or late night thoughts, but the skill in being able to put them into words is tremendous.

  3. Michael Gawenda

    Daphne and Azrial are clearly wise, wise beyond their very wise human companion. Good luck Ben. May the raod lead you and yours in a good direction.

  4. Michael Gawenda

    Neil, thanks you. It’s lovely to have R&G described as sunshine. Rocky is pleased too.

  5. Ben Sandilands


    Ben and Daphne the black pekingese and Azrial the black warrior cat also send you the gypsy incantation, May the Road rise beneath your feet.

    Fare well.

  6. Neil Appleby

    Thanks Michael. I for one was often touched by your writing and I thank you for the sunshine. I feel sorry for poor souls like Frank; their glass is not half empty, it’s empty.
    I remember similar negative and sometimes quite appalling stuff being written on Mr Bolt’s blog when Terry Lane retired. It was very sad. Some people are just miserable bastards.
    Thanks again, and give Rocky’s tummy a big scratch from my family in HK.

  7. Michael Gawenda

    Good luck to you Frank. There’s no point in engaging with you. I have wasted enough time on you already. Please don’t respond anymore. This exchange is finished.

  8. Frank Campbell

    Michael: Not being a masochist, I never read more than the two pieces I originally commented on. What’s “going on”, as you put it, is criticism. It’s just that maudlin self-indulgence grates. Nothing personal. I know no one at Crikey and I’ll make sure it stays that way. Only way to maintain independence.

    Alan Attwood’s “Age” review of your book is charitable (you can imagine what I think of these musings appearing as a book), except for the end when he says “Non-dog people may find parts of it twee or repetitive or plain silly.” Exactly.

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  10. Keith is not my real name

    I think Possum sums up my thought exactly, best wishes on the new “path”.

  11. Michael Gawenda

    Thank you.

  12. Possum Comitatus

    As a lurking fan of one mans convo with his mutt, I for one shall miss your word sculpture – there is just something about the way you put words on a page.

  13. Michael Gawenda

    What is it with you? Who twisted your arm to read it? You could have experienced bliss months and months ago. Something else going on here Frank–whoever you are. But working out what it is, well not worth the effort. Not for me anyway. Hope you work it out though.

  14. Frank Campbell

    It’s finally stopped. Bliss.

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