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Michael Gawenda

I am a journalist and writer

Goodbye from Rocky and Gawenda..for now

Rocky and I have decided the time has come to move on. I signaled this possibility in a previous post, on September 17, when I posted a piece which showed, I hope, the direction in which my writing was taking me–away from Rocky and Gawenda. Rocky is on board with this, for our mornings together […]

Strangers on God's beach

There was a baptism on the beach this morning. It was a morning of lovely sunshine and cloudless skies, windless and warm, gently so, a spring morning and we could feel it, Rocky and I, the warmth of it and the lightness of it, Rocky running along the water’s edge towards the pier, stopping for […]

A Day of Atonement.

Rocky resisted emphatically, straining against the leash, his legs rigid and dug into the wet grass of the park, as I tried to head towards the beach. The rain came down in swirls, soft rain, light and mist-like, but the wind was brutal and in the distance, we could see the white-topped grey waves of […]

Rocky and Gawenda, the book launch

Rocky and I would like to invite you to the launch of Rocky and Gawenda: the story of a man and his mutt this coming Saturday, October 3 at  10.15 for 10.30 at Veg Out, the St Kilda communal vegetable garden at Peanut Reserve, near Luna Park.  Tim Costello, a former Mayor of St Kilda […]

Linz, Hitler and me

This may well be one of my last posts on Rocky and Gawenda. The writing has taken me in a new and unexpected direction, where memory and imagination meet. I am not sure where this will go, this mixture of memory and imagination, where `facts’ and fictions are intertwined. The `house of facts’ as a […]

Rocky rejected, love betrayed

It is the second day of spring. Beside the St Kilda pier, on a morning  that feels as if winter has gone, consigned to wherever it is that memories are stored, the sky light blue, the air warm and crisp at the same time, wind-less, the sun soft yellow, spring soft, Rocky is puzzled, quizzical-looking, unsure of […]

The return of hope

By the time we reach the boardwalk beside the cafes on our way home, having walked, Rocky and I, out to the edge of the water along the sandbank that separates St Kilda beach from the beach at Albert Park, the sandbank, at low tide stretching almost to the small sail boats moored along the old wooden pier, […]

Rocky and the mystery of friendship: part two

My old friend  has warned me by email, that he intends to write a response to what I had to say about him in a recent post and that what he has to say may not be all I might have hoped for.  I informed him that he is free to say about me whatever he wishes but that […]

Rocky and Gawenda between the covers.

I would not have done this had I thought it possible that  it was in some important way,  a sell-out of Rocky and Gawenda . Mind you, the possibility–faint but tantilising, I admit– of  fame has crossed my mind. Several times in recent weeks, I have woken in the middle of the night to find myself […]

Rocky and the mystery of friendship

An old friend emailed me  to say that he felt he has been replaced in my affections by Rocky.  My friend, my oldest friend,  had asked me to do something for him, a rather trivial thing that was  unlikely to take up too much of my time. I had emailed back to say that of […]