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The windmills of your mind

Daylight saving has ended and this morning, the day dawned grey, the sky and the water and even the sand suffused with autumn softness. Instead of heading straight for the beach, we walk down the moistened footpaths, the asphalt turned black by light rain, to the park. The rain of recent days has brought the […]

Divine Light Memories

My son and daughter suggested I had written a piece of fiction, after I posted Divine Light on April 3.  Nicely done they said, but not true. Here is their truth. It is written by my son  and my daughter is prepared to sign a statutory declaration to the effect that it is true in […]

Sunrise Lost

By the time we started out for the beach, the sun had risen. The familiar pre-dawn faces were nowhere to be seen. Instead , along the St Kilda beach board walk, the late sleepers had taken over. I judged them a little more flabby, perhaps a bit older, than my still-dark crowd, fewer of them […]

Divine Light

The sunrise is soft, the clouds, wispy on the horizon, pink tinged, look slightly flushed as if they are blushing  and ahead is an autumn day that in my experience, only Melbourne can promise. The water of the bay is mist covered, a light blanket of grey and pink, the air still March crisp from the […]

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The rewards of kindness

Most late afternoons, when I am upstairs checking emails in the fashion of an addict, in the grip of impatience and anticipation, Rocky can be heard, within a few minutes of my ensconcement at the table, coming up the stairs to join me. Before we left him for three weeks in January when we were […]

Rocky at the beach

Rocky at the beach

Rocky at the old St. Kilda pier Rocky’s joy.

Twilight Time

Heavenly shades of night are falling, It’s twilight time. When The Platters sang those  lovely words, I remember, though I was a child, how thrilling were their harmonies, how exotic their dance moves, how glamorous  were their jackets, their baggy pants, frilly shirts and thin dark ties, their suede shoes. I remember standing at twilight outside […]

The Meaning of Hope

By the time Rocky arrived  that day in September 2007, all hope had gone. This meant that for the first days of his adjustment to life in St Kilda–he had come from the outer suburbs of Melbourne, from Bulleen, the sort of place we inner city types go to in bad day dreams– when not even […]

Dill Cucumbers and Global Warming

Autumn in Melbourne has come and the morning, before the end of daylight savings, is night-like even as  Rocky and I set out for the beach having delayed our departure in order to see the sunrise. When the sun comes up, Rocky always reacts with an extra spring to his step, moving confidently across the […]

A Still-Life Morning

Not since the early 70s –which were the 60s in Australia–have I had what we used to describe back then as a transcendental experience. You either know what I mean or not. No matter. I did back then sometimes, have a blinding moment when, while I did not believe there was a god of the variety […]