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Rocky pre-separation anxiety

The meaning of Dogs

I wrote this for The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald after the 20/20 Summit. Yes  the Summit, remembr it? All those bright people going on about Australia’s future, none realising that the world was about to change and all that optimism would be seen as the unworldly fantasies of the self-satisfied. Then it came, the GFC […]

Middle Class Rocky

During the half hour ride from Tullamarine Airport to St Kilda a couple of weeks ago, I imagined how Rocky would greet me. I had not been away for more than a couple of days since we began our relationship and even then, Rocky stayed home, with my wife when I was away. Now we […]

Walking the dog.

St Kilda beach at six in the morning, along the board walk, newly built this past year, part of the prettying up of St Kilda about which I have grave doubt, but which, thankfully is nowhere near complete

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