For those of you who like the zone of the music spectrum, Ninebullets has a review up of an artist who I think will hit the spot. The guy is Scott H. Biram and as Ninebullets says:

I know there is a certain amount of danger writing about one of your favorite acts. It would be really easy to sound like your just gushing to sell an act, but the simple truth is that listening to Something’s Wrong / Lost Forever makes me smile. I can’t help but to be happy when it’s playing. For me, it’s not just Essential Listening, it’s gonna be a top 5 of 2009.

Have a listen to this track (damn, this is good).

You can buy the album here.

PS: That link to the track is to Grooveshark, where you can in fact listen to the album.  Unfortunately, their embed code isn’t working at the moment, which is why I didn’t just slot the song in here.

PPS: Ninebullets is a great site.

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